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The Hunt; Human sludge

Man condemned to sloppy misery

May 30th, 2024 by Alexeii
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As I stagger backward, a wave of terror crashing over me like a tidal wave, I feel my body betray me in the most horrifying way imaginable. It starts with a lightly tingling sensation, like thousands of tiny needles pricking my skin from within. I clutch at my chest, hoping to alleviate the growing pressure somehow, but it only worsens spreading fast like a
malevolent fire through every inch of my body.

The pain intensifies, searing through every fiber of my being as if I am being consumed by flames from the inside out. I can feel my muscles convulsing in spasms, twisting a contorting in ways that surely defied natural order. Panic surges within me, a primal flight instinct urging me to flee, but my own limb...

top ten my projects

top ten future projects for good future.

February 3rd, 2024 by jayjo1
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laptop gaming smart watch.
1. "Laptop Computer: Smart Watch" "Portable Computer: Smart Watches" is a modern, informative and practical guide that will help readers understand the rapidly developing world of smartwatches. This book provides comprehensive information necessary to understand the technologies, functions and capabilities of smartwatches. The
author takes readers on a fascinating journey through the history of the development of portable computers, from the first prototypes to modern devices. It looks at important technological aspects such as processor power, battery capacity, operating systems and smartwatch design. The main focus is on the functionality of the smartwatch. The author explores a wi...

Unseen Ghosts

Among them was A ...

February 2nd, 2024 by Aydasara
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It began with whispers in the corridors of power, rumors of austerity measures looming on the horizon. Soon, those whispers turned to harsh decrees as the government tightened its grip on the nation's finances. The impact rippled outward, reaching even the remote corners.

Houses that had once been filled with laughter and warmth now stood as hollow
shells, their windows boarded up against the encroaching darkness. The factories that had once churned out goods and prosperity now lay silent and abandoned.

But amidst the desolation, there remained a flicker of life. The town's aging population, those who had weathered many storms and refused to be driven from their homes, still walked the streets. They were ...

The Broken Record of Alice Charlton

Alice can turn back time, but can't control it.

August 11th, 2023 by DarkKupyd
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I felt my stomach drop. The large mastiff-turned-zombie charged the iron screen door. There was a slight crack from the frame as the dog slammed into it a second time. I hurriedly locked the front door, grateful for the screened one. My fingers trembled as I tugged the curtains close.

My breath was the only one I could hear. I turned to look at the man I
had ushered inside. He was a wild man, much older. I saw my father in his face and paused. The man stood his ground, a rifle pointed at the front door. The bite marks of the dog were visible on the handguard.

My mind had me frozen, imagining this man turned to pieces in my front yard had I not let him in. Then I realized the silence extended to this space...


A look in the phsychological thoughts of bullies.

April 11th, 2023 by swilson
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The Secrets Behind The Masks We Wear

However there was a darkness hidden beneath all of the smiles and masks that near everyone wore. Secrets that no one thought to explore because what's the point? Their parents are rich and they put on the perfect mask to hide their darker intentions. In reality they got their thrills by tearing down others and
watching them suffer in a sick and twisted way. If you dared to look into the past and uncover the secrets that they had so feebly hidden you would be surprised. Nothing happens without a reason and here? It was usually fueled by someone's bad intentions. What kind of things could a teenager possibly do that could cause so much damage? Well as we would later find o...


That's the last bench - shadows are friends.

July 24th, 2022 by Shadow Sparkling
Shadow Sparkling
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Welcome to THE TEENAGER'S DIARY where you hear the different feelings, thoughts, and emotions of the teenager. Well, this is your host, SHADOW SPARKLING. I'm a different teen of 14 and I hope to enlighten you by sharing everything I have. Well,...
Today, we are going to talk about "AT THE LAST BENCH".
And like always, I would love if you keep an
open-mindset while listening to this.

Wow! It has been more than a year and a half since I saw my whole class. Our school though partially opened before the annual exams of the previous class; I didn’t have the clear look as I did now. It was just a week and most of the students wouldn’t be present. And during the exams I could barely f...

Among Us


February 4th, 2022 by Pnut_butre
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Chapter 1

*a ship in space*

Doug- *wakes up* *realizes* oh no no no no no

Doug- where am I?

*he's in the middle of nowhere*

Doug- computer, where am I?

*computer offline*

*hears a bang on the top of the ship*

*Doug opens cams*

Doug- oh no…

*a creature is on top of the ship*

Doug’s thoughts- I got to have shurk spray

*the cabinet is empty*

*the monster on top of the ship (shurk) starts clawing at the ship*

*tries to start the ship*

*no fuel*

*a tiny hole appears in the roof*

*tink* *tink* *tink*

*Doug puts his astronaut helmet back on*


*the shurk comes through*

*Doug gets clawed*

*hes bleeding out*

*he opens the shutter door and...

The Ghastly Guest House

A guest house with haunted aura

November 4th, 2021 by Pavan747
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Four friends chalk out a plan for a picnic on holiday and encounter an unprecedented incident in their lives. It was a pleasant Sunday morning when all the four-step out of their homes to enjoy the beauty of nature. After a grueling journey, they plan to languid in some guest house as the dusk had set in and find a decent one at last. One of the friends,
Rocky becomes rambunctious on seeing the guest house and insists on a midnight sojourn so that they could invigorate themselves and head on for a journey in the dawn. The moment they enter the house, the receptionist gives a warm welcome with a broad smile and registers their names. But Alex, who is a brother of Rocky, gives a dubious stare at the receptionist ...

Love is debilitating

Love of anything truly is the root of all evil

June 16th, 2021 by alanallen
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They say their love of money is the root of all evil that's not true or that's half true or half-right the real thing is the love of anything is the root of all evil the love of computers the love of people the love of your mother too much love will kill you the love of anything is good while evil because whatever you love can't last forever and you get
caught up in loving whatever it is and you eventually get bored with it it's tough to keep love to a minimum but you have to to stay sane


Two Hundred and Eighty

A 280 foot young woman.

June 15th, 2021 by Zycoptl
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The ground just shook and trembled as Tamara Sherring walked, there I was on her left shoulder only 1.5 inches tall to her. Yes Tamara Sherring is a Giant and she is 280 feet tall. Tamara had on her beige tight shirt and she had on her skin tight soft jeggings. Tamara was heading towards my acreage which was at least a few miles from a town and 30m
miles from the nearest city. As Tamara neared my acreage, I could seen my house and the other farm buildings down below. Tamara stepped over the trees I had there for wind break. I stood up there on her left shoulder and saw my house, from the height I was at the house was so small. Tamara took a step and she was about to sit down when she heard a car...

The woods

Don't stop running

Old Glass broke under your shoes as you ran making a horrible cracking sound. The woods were full of old bottles and porcelain that were fun to collect, you would see which sibling could find the Best Thing. You were the raining champ with a rusty bottle of denture cream displayed proudly on your shelf. But right now you hatted these woods you wanted to
leave them as soon as possible. Your legs stung from running as you were never an athletic person, always skipping gym class, you regret that now. The grown-ups always said not to be here when it got dark. They always said to be home at sunset or you would be punished. You thought they were just being silly, it's a small town everyone knows everyone, what could ...

The mutant of the sewers

A small rat mutates into a mighty beast

November 13th, 2020 by Mohamed
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In a city full of laps in 2050 it was the start of gene modification when a group of illegal scientists throw their gene expeirments garbage in sewers a rat exposed to them and mutated into a beast 7 ft tall and a muscular body like a train carriyng huge truck he could see any rat in mile area.........a body like wearing torn coat............a scream that
can break glass and destroy weapons...........and a super strength,with all that he was attacking any lap that harm animals like those who turned him into that beast with no mercy. Rumers said that he was a beast that hunted the sewers. after a while of killing scientists, destroying laps and saving thousands of rats , scientists kept it as a secret to reassur...

The Midnight Fingers

A mystery waiting to be solved.

November 8th, 2020 by echocat
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“Zinnia, I’m home,” Mrs. Robinson called from the kitchen. The wind howled outside and fat raindrops ran down the windows. There was no response from the dark house.

    “Zinnia, sweetie, come get some dinner,” she said hopefully. Nothing.

    Finally, Mrs. Robinson put down the sacks of groceries and marched down the hall to her
daughter’s room.

    “Come on, eat some dinner,” she said while opening the door.

    There was nobody in the bedroom. She checked under the bed, the closet, and under the rug. Nothing. Only a dripping, black painted handprint below the open window. Mrs. Robinson fell to the floor and burst into tears. 

    “Oh, my baby,” she whimpered. “Not her, too.”


Who did it?

He was lying dead with no clues

October 22nd, 2020 by Swetha Kallaganad
Swetha Kallaganad
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Mr. Roy walked inside the gate towards the door crossing the green lawn with pavement decoration of pebbles and flowering plants such as pansy and oleander. He makes his move towards the body of Mr. David lying on an expensive embroidered carpet in a study room. He was flabbergasted to see there was no forced entry; there was no one else in the home except
for the victim with just one coffee mug and a novel half lying on the table.
The preliminary death investigation began. Evidences seemed to have magically disappeared regardless of intense search. All the family members which included his Mother, Sister, Son and People who visited the man that day were interrogated which led to no conclusion of any kind. ...

Wrong Wish

This is the story of a girl with family issues.

October 6th, 2020 by derya
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Tell me, if you were alone in your room and heard an unfamiliar voice, what would you do? Probably scream your guts out, just like me. And that's how I met it. By being scared to death in a fine fall evening, while listening to music. It was my fairy. Yes, it may not sound real. Even I didn't believe it. I still don't. But I wanted to. Who wouldn't want
their wish to come true without rubbing a lamb? I was trying to see what was in front of me between my sweaty and shaking hands. Weird enough, it didn't look anything like the ones in the tales. A small ball of light. That's what it was. “I will grant a wish within the depth of your heart. But I want something in return. Think well. Not everyone gets a chan...

THE TOWƎЯ (part 10)

Every small town hides a secret...

September 17th, 2020 by jaycee04
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Christopher’s body tensed, and his mouth grew dry. “We need to go home, now.” He looked to the left road then to the one on the right. He pointed to it, turning to Luke. “If we go down Dougal Road, we’ll cut right through and it will lead us straight home. This way is faster, then going back the way we came.”

Luke was silent, but nodded his

Christopher looked back at the tower one last time, before grabbing Luke’s hand. They made a right, disappearing into the trees that surrounded the road. Christopher kept Luke close to him.

The two boys sped-walk down the road where the backs of homes perched on the top of stubby hills that sat even further from the road, barely visible beca...
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