Kickoff written by derya

Wrong Wish

This is the story of a girl with family issues.

Tell me, if you were alone in your room and heard an unfamiliar voice, what would you do? Probably scream your guts out, just like me. And that's how I met it. By being scared to death in a fine fall evening, while listening to music. It was my fairy. Yes, it may not sound real. Even I didn't believe it. I still don't. But I wanted to. Who wouldn't want their wish to come true without rubbing a lamb? I was trying to see what was in front of me between my sweaty and shaking hands. Weird enough, it didn't look anything like the ones in the tales. A small ball of light. That's what it was. “I will grant a wish within the depth of your heart. But I want something in return. Think well. Not everyone gets a chance like this.” I can't make good choices under pressure. It must have taken advantage of this. Because if I had the chance to think thoroughly, I would have said no. “Yes. Yes, I want my wish to come true,” I said. “But what will you want from me? What can you even want from me?” “I want
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your sorrow. All of it.” “Does that mean… I will never be sad again?” “True. You will never be in agony and pain again. You will be happy forever.” Sounds good at first, doesn't it? Of course, it does…
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