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A Tale Among Tales

An adventure with a rather mundane beginning...

March 1st, 2022 by TiredHuman
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If the vast amounts of stories shared through songs and texts of old truly exemplified the nature of tragedy and destiny, one would be forced to conclude that all great adventure begins a cold, dark, stormy night. The severity of the weather, of course, would ominously prophesize the chaos to be unleashed, wrecking the right amount of surrounding structures
to strike any observer with the appropriate amount of apprehension.

A mysterious character would unearth a cryptic prophecy to precisely the WRONG people, leaving the night to invariably end with a terse promise of bloodshed. Cold, frightened, and terribly hopeful, the meek people overhearing their future salvation would silently await their golden hero t...

Among Us


February 4th, 2022 by Pnut_butre
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Chapter 1

*a ship in space*

Doug- *wakes up* *realizes* oh no no no no no

Doug- where am I?

*he's in the middle of nowhere*

Doug- computer, where am I?

*computer offline*

*hears a bang on the top of the ship*

*Doug opens cams*

Doug- oh no…

*a creature is on top of the ship*

Doug’s thoughts- I got to have shurk spray

*the cabinet is empty*

*the monster on top of the ship (shurk) starts clawing at the ship*

*tries to start the ship*

*no fuel*

*a tiny hole appears in the roof*

*tink* *tink* *tink*

*Doug puts his astronaut helmet back on*


*the shurk comes through*

*Doug gets clawed*

*hes bleeding out*

*he opens the shutter door and...

The Commander of Flames

Humans Vs Monsters

January 15th, 2022 by Lexidaydream
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In the shimmering light of the violet dawns, the rabbits race. Chasing each other, through the green paths of the forest. This made them catchable. How one or two made a hearty meal for the families of the hunter. The small, fluffy, creature thumbed his foot against the path, once, twice, three times, as a gust of powerful wind blew through its fur. His
fluffy little boy leaped into the air, as little specks of free white fur, loosened, leftwards to explore the world. As the creature noticed her, the rabbit struck. Anything to ward off capture. Though he managed to keep on running further, the path was becoming shorter, the rabbit was unable to keep up. Carrying the white specks higher, the wind grew in moment...

The only one who truly shares my...

The people we meet in our lives. They come...

January 7th, 2022 by Kazeronnie Mak
Kazeronnie Mak
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The only one who truly shares my entire life with…….

The conversations between a professor and a student in the evening class some time ago.
The professor said to the students, “Let's play a game. Who'll be the volunteer for it?”
Someone came forward, her name was Galaxy.
The professor said, “Please list the 20 most important names in your
life on the blackboard!”
Galaxy listed her family, her friends, her colleagues and her neighborhood………
The professor said, “Please delete the most unimportant name to your consideration?”
Galaxy deleted one name of her neighbors.
The professor said, “Please delete one more?” Galaxy deleted one name of her colleagues.
The professor went o...

You are a.


January 5th, 2022 by devandelfano
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You are an alien who just landed on Earth. You have no food, no house, no money, and 2 humans looking down on you with a smile. They claim to be your parents but you know that you came from outer-space.

Years passed and you notice that the other aliens are experiencing what you do. Your spaceship is waiting for you to destroy humanity, your parents are
at home watching TV, and your girlfriend is cheating on you. ...

Dear diary

A story about a girl that was the odd one

December 23rd, 2021 by storrytellerelly
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Hello,i am Nina and i am 22 years old.This is my story.
As i am finishing college life, i have to choose what the next chapter of my life is going to be and it has been very uncertain for me,because unlike my other friends i don't know what i want to become. Other's have chosen their paths,but me,so i feel odd....

? I do not have a title yet pt.5 ?

you have to read it.

December 20th, 2021 by Agmiller2025
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Ms. West led her to a black van with a sun like the one on her shirt and on the side, it said Laketown treatment center. Ms. West took her bag and placed it in the back seat and gestured for her to get in the passenger side seat.
On the ride to the center, Haper just looked out the window and watched the cars whiz by. They looked like they were going 100
miles a minute. She turns her head and sees that Ms.West keeps glancing at her. She looks and her and says,
“ What?” Ms.West looks at her and smiles,
“ You are going to love the girl that you are sharing a room with, She is super nice and pretty far into treatment so she will be a good person to talk to,” Harper rolled her eyes and looked back out ...

? I do not have a title yet pt.4 ?

you have to read it.

December 20th, 2021 by Agmiller2025
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“ I don’t know, I just forget to eat sometimes,” Harper said, still looking at the ceiling. Dr. Matt handed her a paper, the top of the paper said ‘ED DETECTION TEST’. Harper looked at the doctor and laughed a little.
“ Really, an eating disorder test? What do you think I am? The poster tumbled an anorexic girl?” She said,
“ Just fill it
out, please. Oh and please be honest, we are just trying to help and see why you fainted,” Dr. Matt said. Harper looked at him and he held out a pen for her. She looked at the questions and didn’t see anything odd. Yes I count calories, yes I exercise a lot, yes I avoid certain foods. What’s wrong with that? She handed the paperback and he looked over.

? I do not have a title yet pt.3 ?

you have to read it.

December 20th, 2021 by Agmiller2025
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Harper finds a light flowy lavender wrap dress.
She takes it to the dressing room and locks the door. She slowly pulls down her romper and looks at her boney body. She takes her hands and with the thumb and middle finger she puts them around her thigh. They touch and Harper smiles, she likes this feeling of control.
She picks up the dress and unties it.
She wraps it around her body and ties it. Even when she ties it to the tightest it is still a little big for her. Harper pops her head out the door and calls a worker over.
“ Hi, could you get me an extra small one in this dress?” Harper askes. The man nods his head and walks away. She closes the door and brushes the hair out of her face.
A few minute...

? I do not have a title yet pt.1 ?

you have to read it.

December 20th, 2021 by Agmiller2025
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The blinding light shines through the curtains waking Harper up. She rolls over and opens her eyes. She looks around her room and then to her alarm clock. 7: 26am. She rolls back over and lets out a groan. It’s the first week of summer break in early June and Harper is still waking up at her school time. She sits up and pushes the hair out of her
She gets out of bed and walks to the mirror. Harper lifts up her baggy sweatshirt and looks at her stomach. She examines every inch of it then pulls it back down.
“ It’s bigger than yesterday,” she thinks to herself. She pulls it back down and goes to her closet.
“ Ok, I have a girl's day with Olivia and Kayla today than Ben's birthday party at 6....

? I do not have a title yet pt. 2 ?

you have to read it.

December 20th, 2021 by Agmiller2025
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and looked at Kayla. She nodded her head and she pulled something out of her purse.
“ I have a fake ID so we could score some cheap beer and booze,” Kayla said, holding it up so the girls could see. Harper shook her head and fronded. Olivia grabs at the ID but Kayla pulls it away.
“ How did you get this?” Olivia asks.
“Like I’m telling
you!” Kayla said. Harper pulled into the cafe’s parking lot and parked in a spot close to the door. Olivia and Kayla got out of the car and started walking towards the door. Olivia turned around and tapped on the window. Harper rolled it down.
“ Are you sure you don’t want anything?” She said, Harper nodded and Olivia ran to catch up with Kayla.

Were Nothing Roams

The first book to My Paradise

December 14th, 2021 by ITSmeONCEagain
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The Sun rose on the desert as the darkness that consumed it ran in safety. The waters that once rushed there were now dead and silent,the leaves that would fall to the ground and the trees that would stand tall were dead too. All you could see were the waves of sand that would never move,you could feel the pain in your feet as they stabbed you.You
could taste nothing but sand and pain in your throat screaming for water.You could feel the sun's heat beating you and pushing you down.
You feel the sun's heat suck every inch of energy out of you. The whole day is like this until the sun rests on the horizon, and the rabbit face moon comes and wakes up the animals. The moon's soft light shines as the darkne...

They'll be Calling My Name

A girl who has to become queen

November 26th, 2021 by lshap444
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"Kandra Tell me a story." said the young Prince, as I hugged him close to my chest. I stared at the forever burning fire before I spoke. "This is the story of the Greatest Queen who's ever walked the earth. This Queen had Changed the world with magic burning in her veins. she was a rare woman that one. She was so powerful that she took over two realms at
once." The little prince snuggled closer, then whispered "Awesome!" I chuckled. " Most people have forgotten her story, they say that her story was a lie and that it was much too boring to tell," I explained. "Well I don't think so." the prince said. "That's good, Shall I continue?" I said, pulling him even closer. "Yes Please," he whispered. Siren Endore...

Personal Essay final draft

My essay for school

November 17th, 2021 by SleepyChair
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I think online school was a mess for everyone. It felt as if each day was the same. Wake up, stumble through my classes, Try and do homework, and lay around. I barely felt like I was even really learning anything, just doing busy work. I missed actually knowing my teachers and having a relationship with them. Same with my classmates, who I knew so well
before seemed like strangers.
And that’s how life felt until we started to work on our internships. While looking for possible internships I either wanted to do something where I could work from home, or find an opportunity in a medical field. After digging up nothing from my searches. I was desperate for really anything, that’s when my girlfrie...

Boy and the Bear

lost in the forest

November 10th, 2021 by Tim
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Somewhere there’s a cave in a white forest. Small prints cover ground through the trees from somewhere... searching. These prints lead to a boy. He is looking for the cave. He has mossy hair that clings to his head despite its burnt ends. He is naked. He waddles and his feet burn, but a wide smile imprints itself upon him despite the blisters beginning to
form. He is weak and, having only learned to walk moments ago, falls often. Every once and a while the wind whistles down through the trees cutting at the boy’s skin. The prints turn red.
When enough time has passed the trees become sparse and green pokes through the white. The boy shivers, but not from the cold. He sees the cave and it towers above him ...

Glimpse of the Shadow (Boy's Love)

A boy experienced false hope.

November 5th, 2021 by pakeng_beach
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February of 2015, when the morning breeze was still cold, was one of the remarkable months of Franklin's Junior High School years. It was the Foundation Month of their school, which has a lot of non-academic activities. During the preparation, a week before the big event, Franklin was secretly stalking his crush, Carl Jan Warren. You would see the
handsomeness of Warren when wiping out his sweat. The sweat of hard work practicing their entry for the field demonstration. He suddenly looked at Franklin's place, sitting at the corner of the classroom. Warren slightly showed his smile and winked. Franklin's face turned red quickly and, he covered his face immediately with his hands. Looking in between his fingers, ...
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