Kickoff written by Someone

Hold my Hands

Submission 3 - Girl's Thoughts

I can't help but wonder how actors feel when they have to fake their lives just to please their fans. You know, pretending to be in love with the protagonist of their series; it all seems so fake. It's funny because all I ever wanted was to confess my feelings for the protagonist, but instead, I feel lost and confused. I'm the side character, or the backup, always waiting in the wings. Sometimes when I'm stressed, I stare at random things, like these leather bus seats. The smooth greyish-brown texture, almost like an elephant's skin mixed with oil, reminds me of how I feel when I finish repairing my parents' car. When I started school, a girl asked me to sit beside her. She was so direct, with soft skin and big, bright eyes, that it was almost like she could be a model. I hope to make some friends soon.

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