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Testimonial by Dakota McElhinny

If you love writing, want to showcase some work, or just looking to connect with other writers, then I have good news for you! Alter Stories is a platform that provides what you are looking and so much more. I joined Alter Stories in January of 2016, and it has been one of my greatest writing experiences.

I enjoy being able to choose which writing module I want to use. There's the Book Module, which can be used to write complete stories, and there is a Collaborative Module, which allows writer to add-on and write stories together! In the Collaborative Module, there is a place to add in "key-words", which allows other writers to know what words to focus on, while penning a follow-up. After my stories, I insert the "key-words", but I'm also given the ability to insert "tags" and link what genres my stories are. All of this, allows stories to be found more easily by readers! Alter Stories is a friendly, supporting community too, which allows readers to give awards and inspiration to authors. One of my favorite aspects about Alter Stories, is how painless it is to connect your social media accounts and then share your writing on them!

If what I say sounds good, then what are you waiting for? If writing is your passion, then Alter Stories is the place for you, so join today and get connected with writers and authors, like me, already using and enjoying Alter Stories!

Dakota McElhinny

Testimonial by Priscilla Davis

So much fun, and easy to use when the urge to write hits. I love the idea of collaborative writing online. Letting a story be mine, and letting go to let it be someone else’s, but still retaining pride and ownership of the final work. I am excited to see how each story unfolds and I look forward to watching the Alter Stories community grow!

Priscilla Davis