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How I Conquered The Galaxy

Lord Niro + 5 Battle Maids vs Entire Galaxy

May 29th, 2018 by Amae
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"Everyone! Lord Niro has awoken!"

I heard a feminine voice cried joyfully in the background. My vision was still hazy as I rubbed my eyes.

It's cold.

Has my hand always feel this cold?

I brushed again, but it was the same odd feeling. Instantly, I widen my eyes, wondering what is going on.

No way.

I took a look at my arms. It seems to be
made of a metallic-alloy along mixed with few rare minerals and technology, presenting a silver-tinted shimmering look under the light.

Although it looks quite different, I could control my movement, even wiggle the fingers with ease.

"Lord Niro!" The lady greeted me, a happy and relieved smile appeared on her face as slight tears trickled down the side....

Run For Your Life

They lived, but can they keep it a secret?

May 26th, 2017 by Ashmlin11
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It was a breezy midsummers day. The sky was clear and the air warm. It was unusual for rain on a day like this, but thunder rumbled in the distance.

"Mama, we gonna get rain?" my son asked me.

"I don't know, sugar, it sure sounds like it." I replied, stroking his hair.

We both sat on the porch swing looking out into the open dessert. Our small town
was just one in a line of towns dotted across Arizona. We weren't settling here of course. We would stay just long enough for my husband to come back with some gold from California. We would be rich soon, and not have to ever go back to Virginia. Maybe we would stay on the west coast and live in a city. At least that's what I was supposed to believe.

I f...

Ancestors long dead

They lost their planet, but found ours

May 4th, 2017 by Borough
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Down there is the city. Here, on the hill overlooking it, the shimmering lights and steady buzz of the city traffic come with a lag and somewhat subdued.
On the gentle slope of the hill lay prostrate a boy and a girl. They both stare up at the billion twinkles above them.

The eyes of the girl scan the night sky, trying to discern something.

don’t see anything”, she says.

The eyes of the boy are fixed on a spot up there, in the endless. Whatever he sees in the starry endlessness mesmerizes him.

“Look really, really carefully”, the boy whispers in a while.

We follow the boy’s line of sight and we rise and ascend deeper, further into the cosmos...amidst planets...through galaxies an...

Beneath the Foreverblue

A city floating in the sky. What could go wrong?

April 22nd, 2017 by WillMorgan
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A father once said, the bleeding of blue like blood in the heavens, dying to a darkened sapphire before circling the celestial drain and closing down into charcoal black is a miracle that transpires overhead every single night.
That specific spectacle never failed to amaze a young man, and never ceased to inspire him. It was a simple simplification in the
sense that whatever great power, if there was one, out there in the vast and immense foreverblue, took it upon itself to pull the sun down beyond the horizon and cast the light of day to the far side of the world. This momentous metamorphosis of everything that we can see happens twice daily, once forwards and once backwards, and that in itself is enough to ...

Break the Glass

Will you still love a mystery after its reveal?

April 15th, 2017 by fefedove
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I am a strong believer in other worlds. Alternative universes created by time travelers, our alternate selves living out experiments. Parallel worlds of our reflections. Skewed worlds where time flows backwards.

There are so many universes possible. Our neurons are like the stars and galaxies. We all live with a different perception of the

Others say I'm crazy. Delusional, fanatical, whimsical. I play along, and so I don't care. I'm perfectly fine "living inside my own mind," as they put it.

But I don't understand how they don't feel it.

It's 4 a.m. right now. In some cultures, "four" means death. For me, it is peace.

At night, my mind is clear, but the boundaries become blurred.



Everything is slightly off today.

April 15th, 2017 by fefedove
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It was midday when things started going wrong.

There was no break in the cicadas’ cacophonous choir. The little creek kept bubbling and singing its song.

In the height of summer, time was almost at a standstill in the small town of Saundale. The humidity weighed everything down like molasses. Even the screech of brakes and angry honking of cars were

Despite the dust, it was quite peaceful.
The world was just slightly off kilter. In the humidity was a tension, an anxious itch.

Anders huffed, trying to get the waistband of his pants over his beer belly. But his fingers were clumsy today and the belt just would not clasp. His gut told him something was wrong. He felt a little panicked. W...

Like Home

Fifty years in cryo. This can't be earth.

April 14th, 2017 by WillMorgan
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'They said it. I remember it clearly. You'll be dead, practically, and the first thing you'll feel is the heat. It'll melt the ice in your veins. You'll wake up hot, burning, scared. You'll see fire through the glass as the pod comes in at more then forty five thousand miles an hour. Brace your knees, or they'll snap, they said. Ha, they obviously never had
to move joints that had been frozen for half a century.

I braced anyway. It hurt like all hell hitting the thermosphere. Like a brick wall at a million miles an hour. Damn techs, think they know everything. Probably all dead by now anyway. Not that I'd ever see them again. Or anyone for that matter. XLT006-P. Catchy name for a planet. This was a one way r...

Alarms and Subversions

or, The Way It Might Have Happened

February 29th, 2016 by Joanna Michal Hoyt
Joanna Michal Hoyt
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The alarm bells rang louder and louder; the sound shook the buildings, shook the sky, crashed down over me like a wave of iron filings…

I woke up as my feet hit the floor, and by the time I got down the hall to the telephone I more or less remembered who and where I was. “Hello?” I said, leaning against the wall and clutching the receiver.

“You were already awake, Stace?” Philo’s voice was light as ever, but for once in his life he didn’t sound as though he was laughing.

“No. You woke me up out of a nightmare…” I thought again about the bells and the shaking. “No, blast you, you rang me up at four a.m. and gave me a nightmare, and then got me out of bed, and the hall’s freezing...

Salvage What is Left

The Attempted Genocide of Earth

January 26th, 2016 by Priscilla Davis
Priscilla Davis
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Charlie always plays with Seth, Mic, Celia, Amy and Lucy in the orchard under the citrus trees after the day’s fulfillments. The children are all expected to meet in the library at 7 am every morning for math, literature and lecture on all subjects valued by the community. The children then have to attend hands on learning and contribute to the small
society. Charlie knew he would marry Celia, his paring had been arranged by the scientists in his community before he was in his mother's womb. He knew Seth and Lucy would marry and Amy and Mic would marry. They all knew how many children they each would have and they knew how their genetic lineage would pair off for optimal human creation for the next 7 generati...

Escape Captivity

Caught Between Rot and a Soft Place

January 24th, 2016 by Priscilla Davis
Priscilla Davis
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Delia blinks her eyes repeatedly, in an attempt to adjust her vision to the room. Suddenly, she becomes severely aware of a splitting headache, and a sore arm. She attempts to rub the pain off the fleshy part of her shoulder, which feels bruised and tender. Her long dark hair is matted and damp, sticking to her neck and cheeks. She grasps her hair band she
always keeps on her wrist, and pulls the strands of hair away from her face and up off her shoulders, twisting it into a loose bun. She looks around trying to figure out where she is. Her heart rate increases as she realizes she doesn't know, where she is or how she got here.
Before she found her self here, she was walking home from school, after a long day...

Portal In the Woods

The Morning That Ended the Routine

January 19th, 2016 by Priscilla Davis
Priscilla Davis
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The couple walked hand in hand through the woods behind their house every day since they purchased the home. Skyler and Mikha are self proclaimed nature lovers, avid explorers, and mega romantics. The woods were the reason they bought the house, with the intent to take these romantic walks every morning before they started their day.
Today started like
every other day, alarm set to announce ten minutes till sunrise, to the tune of "Love is All You Need" by the Beatles. The romantic couple greet each other with a kiss and a good morning wish, merely dress for the weather, and head out on the trails.
Skyler takes Mikha's hand with tenderness and they interlocked their fingers. Mikha sets the pace, a smidge fa...

Thе Heathfield Hаrе

Thе Heathfield Hаrе

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