Kickoff written by Human Person


Lonely kid becomes friends with two other students

I was sitting on a bench, eating my sandwich when two students from the same grade, but another class, were walking towards my direction. I recognized them as those two people who always walk together around the playground during recess. They seemed nice but, at the time, I just wanted to be left alone, I wanted to spend my breaks thinking about stuff, not talking or playing with people. I’m not religious, but I begged for the lord not to make them ask me why I’m all alone like that.

The lord clearly didn’t listen to my silent prayers and decided to make me suffer. “Good lord why?” I thought when one of the two asked me what my name is. “Ajenn, and, yes, I know it sounds like a short version of the word agenda.” The other one started laughing “You remind me of those quiet kids who always say funny one liners in TV shows.”

They told me what their names and pronouns are and I did too for the latter. The one who asked about my name is called Inshess and the ‘other
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one’ is called Wosmed, which is just a slight variation of a very common name. But weirdly enough, few people in my school are called that ‘very common name’.

They then started bombarding me with question about who my teachers are, who my favorite one is, what my favorite subject is, how much homework I have, if I like school, etc and I did the same. The bell, a peacemaker, ringed and our war had to be stopped. But I actually enjoyed it.

During the next couple of week, I would sit on the same bench during recess, they would walk up to me and we would talk. Wosmed didn’t like school, that’s for sure, and, fairly enough, he also didn’t like homework. A lot of times we would go to the library with him and he would quickly do his homework there, sometimes he didn’t finish. He obviously feels bad for it, and he even told us that we are his motivation to make more effort to do his homework at home.

Inshess talks a lot, just like Wosmed,
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but unlike him, she talks mostly about other people and stuff that has happened. Wosmed talks more about series and movies he watched, and reads us plays he’s written. He says he wants to write plays for a living when he grows up. Inshess, however, doesn’t seem to know what she wants to do when she grows up. I personally want to become an athlete.
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