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Plagiarism checking and removal

Check and remove plagiarized content from CDR

September 16th, 2022 by cdrhelp
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War World Eight

Chapter One:

September 13th, 2022 by kimmikoto
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Woof! Woof!
Logan rolled to the side of his bed. His bed was a mattress full of straw. He stared at the brown eyes of a Border Collie. Logan had conceived his mother to get him a dog because it would be good for herding their sheep on their farm. His dog was only ten weeks old and he was still training it.
“You have to go pee now?” He groaned.

The dog barked and wagged its tail. He got out of bed and grabbed the leash and his cell phone and an inhaler from the table. Stuck his cell phone and inhaler inside of his oversized grey sweatpants. Clipped the leash onto the dog’s red collar. He left his bedroom and put on his shoes. Carefully, he shut the front door not to wake up his mother. Outside, it ...
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The Unknown

Dolly's father is hiding a sinister secret

September 5th, 2022 by Ashpoint
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Hands in pockets, hood pulled over her brown curls, she continued walking down the wet, damaged road, the grey of the nighttime sky casting darkness over the scene. The things her father had told her were all she could think about, the very thoughts that had shaken her deeply to her core. But she suddenly stopped to a halt, the girl of seventeen having a

Why did my dad tell me now? She was having a normal day just like any other. She had woken up from her determined alarm set at six that morning. The teen had quickly taken a hot shower, changed into her favorite plain tank-top and loose fitted blue jeans. She then made breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast for her dad and herself, and grabb...
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the warrior

this website wont allow more than 4 pages

August 27th, 2022 by sidmachad
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He just looked at the woman he still called mother,fallen on the ground,looking broken for the first time looking like him for the first time.
She had fainted,and instead of the will to help her all he wanted to do was to run away again. So he did exactly that.
'You should have helped her! Go back and help her!' a tiny voice was shrieking inside his head,
but the voice was tiny. His legs couldn't stop even as his vision was getting blurry. tears clouded up his eyes but he couldn't cry. Not here, not now.
a few hours earlier he was beating the shit out of people and now his mother recalled him using an ethereal cute boy to celebrate his 40th birthday?
what in the actual fuck is going on?
' whoever the go...
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The warrior with the totally generi

Just a look into the normal day of a warrior.

August 27th, 2022 by sidmachad
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'I'm too old for this' the warrior grunted as he bashed a guy's skull in.
Once he made sure the asshole no longer breathed,he lit a cigarette and took a long drag and grunted again.
The warrior sighed, he had nothing to return to. He jumped on his old trusted comrade, his horse and rode homeward
When he finally reached,his feet automatically leading him
to his bedroom,there was a knock on the door.
There was a rather interesting gentleman at the door. An awkwardly perched bowler hat decked his skull while his coat tail end struggled to reach the start of his muddy boots. The most striking feature however, was his face.
The warrior tried to capture the guy with his eyes,checked him out if you will. His face...
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Attraction, Infatuation or Love?ch1

teenage life

August 24th, 2022 by lazypanda
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Growing up in an Asian county seems quite difficult. Well, this mostly depends on how each individual thinks about this. What about the teenage girls? How do they feel?

Most of the girls are taught not to fall for any guy at their sweet 16 till their graduation! On a positive note its good to focus on their carrier. But how can you help yourself if you
are in love right at your 17.

Love? Or its just about behaving nice with one of her classmate! Ayat seems to be confuse about her feelings. How can she be sure that this is her true love? People in love always want to be together but she doesn't want to be in a relation right at this moment! So, is this attraction, infatuation or love?...
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Dark and Bright

Fairy's on Earth.

August 1st, 2022 by ELAVI123
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Chapter One-

Her fiery wings illuminated in the night sky, blackening and curling at the tips of each feather as she spoke. “I have watched her well, Dark Winged. She has the valor to go after her parents dreams.”
The Dark Winged stood before her, his skin as white as the serrated wings blooming from the small of his back. “Her parents are
stranded. And so will she be, if you are right about her potential.”
Amaris nodded courteously, though her eyes clouded from the truth coming from out of the Dark Winged's wine red lips. “I understand.” She remarked, her voice unsentimental despite the protests surfacing at her tongue.
The Dark Winged was unresponsive as his cosmic wings began to move r...
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ourlives in a nutshell

June 16th, 2022 by marjan.ayazi
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the story I’m about to write has happed in all of our lives, once, twice, three, four, five times maybe, it is still happing again and again.
You can be someone who doesn’t trust anyone else.
you believe in friendship; believe in the theory that there is a feeling called love like in friends’ series. You believe betrayal happens only in movies
and it’s not very real, because the truth is love forever and friendship forever happens only in movies. In real life, where we live, all the horrible and hurtful things happen and we've got to learn how to deal with them.
It all starts when we are babies; we grow up and go to school to be educated, to be complete, to become smart, to make our future, t...
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Who am I?Why do I have no idea where the pasta is?

April 25th, 2022 by Sandra Venus
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Veronica was sleeping, holding a blanket between her legs and hugging a voluminous pillow, unaware of the fact that her name was included in the title of the novel. Thus, she had no idea that the novel even existed. She should have woken up, but couldn’t, as she went to bed late yesterday. So, let's not disturb her for now and use this time to clear up
some ambiguities.
Dear reader, welcome to chapter 0/4. Yes, this diamond and the inverted three mean usual and familiar to everyone 0 and 4. The chapters are simply numbered in Arabic numerals. Real Arabic numerals, not that stuff that everyone got used to thinking of as ones. This work is a bit interactive, which, however, is not an unusual technique that han...
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Could Have Been Anyone

Following his death, he writes a description.

February 16th, 2022 by bundlecen
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I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I sure do hope I’ll find the answer soon. See I am not used to doing things I don’t have a lot of practice in. They say practice makes perfect but there’s always someone better. But for some reason, good or bad, I am placing words on paper, ink on wood- creating an introduction into one of the most beguiling
descriptions of death- well, murder. detectives and policemen are able to describe these events in a much more concrete manner, I can assure you. However, there is no better description of death than from one’s own recollection and hand.
When picturing the horrible sound of shoes gently dragging across the fresh beige tiles of a large Victorian house. You...
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A Selection from Fiction Books

A selection from fiction books

December 25th, 2021 by matthewgailliot
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At their feet opened a canyon so grand, they knew of nothing with which to compare it. A mile deep, mile upon mile across, with a tiny ribbon of river wandering at the bottom, its walls were multicolored, shimmering with gold and red and blue and dancing green. Lovely trees, bent from the wind, adorned its rim and sometimes down the sides, so far away they
were. And as the afternoon sun moved across the deep gash of the canyon, it threw shadows upon pinnacles far below, and new colors emerged as if some great power were redecorating what was already a masterpiece.

In no way did this daunt Damian, for looking about, he found a small stick with which he began to hit the mule lightly about the head. The...
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A boy with a broken heart

December 24th, 2021 by sexy sassy
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“Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Where have you gone?"

"Papa, I'm looking out the window.”
“What are you waiting for? Get out of there!”

Mark, his father, rushed down the stairs and grabbed him. He clutched him tightly, rubbing his ruffled black hair.

"Didn't I tell you? Never go by the window or the doors. Are you insane, Jeremy?
Don't go near the windows again," his father, warned sternly.
As the tears streamed down Jeremy's chubby cheeks, he couldn't stop from crying.

Then there was a knock on the door. Hide, Jeremy, hide, Mark yelled. Jeremy started running in all directions, glanced his little eyes over the coffee table in the corner of the living room until he made it his hid...
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A Murderer Looking for her lost parents

November 26th, 2021 by lshap444
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Most of you might know me as Evanora, some might know me the freak girl, the murder. My all-time favorite is the Fiery Assassin. I grew up in the hidden village of Lahandris. Life as a kid was great, I played with all of the younger kids in my village. Especially the boys. I was always chasing the boys. My parents were always out leaving the village fighting
for the small army that we had. They were the best fighters known. One day they left for another war with our biggest enemy, they said their goodbyes and told me that they would be back before I could say the word "I love you too." Weeks went by and they never showed up, little by little I lost everything. The house the guards, My maids, everything. I had ...
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My Demons

When two boys meet, hell breaks loose.

November 25th, 2021 by silence_of_tears
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That's the two letter word that I should've said. I should've told him no. But did I? No, I did not.
My name is Matteo Amaro. I'm a 17 year old pansexual boy who fell for the new boy. The boy's name is Issac. The best way to describe him is a total pain in the ass. No, I'm not trying to be funny. I'm being completely serious. Here's my story.
It was
a normal morning. Mamma was sitting with my little sister in the kitchen. Papa was already at work so it was just us three. Mamma was sipping her coffee at the table while my little sister was eating sugar cereal.
"Good morning." Mamma smiled over her mug.
"Morning." I muttered walking to the cupboard.
I went about my business. Eating, getting my things ...
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A girl with abilities beyond her own imagination.

November 24th, 2021 by Alterismo
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I laid in the grass as I watched my ladybug relax on a dandelion, maybe she was drinking nectar? Do ladybugs drink nectar? She eventually flew off the weed and onto my nose. I loved outside so much I dream about going outside the next day. I heard my dad car pull in, he's always here. My mom was in Miami FL for a big meeting. I was special and my parents
wanted to keep that secret. I could make things happen, unusual things that no kid should be able to do. I attracted so many critters and animals. One time they came home to me surrounded by a lot of butterflies. They knew I was special when I was born but not this special. I'm 13 with light gray eyes and Light brown skin and curly hair that comes to my shoulde...
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Project Xeno.

A boy with much potential.

November 24th, 2021 by Alterismo
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I'm a boy. A boy who stays alone in the dark. I've been locked away by the men. I've always been in my own head, battling my own mind. They told me I was special...That I was different. I've always been silent. I knew fluent English but refused to speak a word. I was known as Xeno.
I could hear the familiar foot steps approaching my door, I covered my ears
and sat in the corner. "Please go away." I whispered to myself. The door opened, letting a ray of sunlight shine on me. The sun always caused me problems, it caused my skin to peel. I've grown use to it anyways. "I'm here to help you." A feminine voice answered. A cloak proceeded to cover my body. "You must leave this place Xeno." I didn't say anything, I f...
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