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August 16th, 2019 by MeaningfulMee
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I say, I have a voice, they say no, you have teeth, that aren't white,

I say, I have strength, they say no, you have an ass, that is not big,

I say, I have a point of view, that say no, you have eyes, that aren't bright,

I say, I have a mind, they say no, you have hair, that is not shiny,
enough. I say, I
have power, they say no, you have tighs, that aren't small,

I say, I am a soul, they say no, you are,

Just, A, Body,

And I begin to,


Them. ...
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This is a story of a girl with a stitched up mouth

August 10th, 2019 by LizG
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When I was a child, about 4 or 5 years old, my parents were murdered, I was sent to some horrible place I still don’t know the location or name of. In there the nuns or whatever they were stitched up my mouth. But later on they did it to everyone else.
Over there they trained us to kill people without mercy or hesitation. Everyone, but me, failed and got
punished with endless torture.
They created a monster. They created me.
Every day they let me out at night to kill someone, anyone, and bring with me, after I’m done, a finger of my victim.
After time they let me live my own life but I should kill a person everyday and bring them the fingers.
In total I killed over 4 thousand innocent people. I hate m...
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Should I choose a Windows Server

Should I choose a Windows Server or Linux Server

If you have already decided to buy web account for your website, you get puzzled when you get asked, Linux or Windows? Thankfully, there is not huge difference between these two and both of the account works fine for most of the websites.

Linux is an open source platform used by more than 85% of the websites worldwide because of it’s flexible nature and
you might be wonder that search engine giant Google use Linux to manage it’s hundreds of servers. We at HostingRaja provide Linux plans at cheapest rates with amazing features and benefits and our Linux packages are backed by 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Windows is a product of Microsoft, if you are planning to use any Microsoft technologies such as ASP, ....
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Travel Trails....

An adventurous and thrilling story...

May 30th, 2019 by Shreya_MK
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This is a story that revolves around the life of claira, a 22 year old but jobless. The only thing she is passionate about is travelling the world but could not do it because of her parents. Life gives everyone a second chance and that’s what claira got . How she got the chance? Where will life take her? What happens when she fearlessly takes up the

Welcome to the adventurous travel journey of Claire, of exploring and unfolding the challenges in front of her. Will her life change completely after taking the second chance that life threw on her?

Keep Reading.....
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A short story about soulmates

May 7th, 2019 by kj-daly
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Imagine living in a world where everything is black and white until you meet the one person you are destined to spend your life with, forever. Imagine, that when you meet that one person, colours explode into your vision. Now imagine meeting them as a baby, not knowing who they are. Imagine only ever seeing colour. And then one day everything goes black and
Lilianna could see colours for as long as she could remember, while everyone in her class couldn't. She remarked once that 'those colours don't match Rebecca', and the poor four year old nearly burst out crying because 'miss why can she see colours?'
Their teacher was shocked that the solemn four year old had already found her soulmate and mention...
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The girl that made the moon bloom

a girl so fragile in such a cruel world

May 5th, 2019 by rosethebest15
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there was a girl named luna, she was filled with sadness and pain, she was so beautiful but she could not see it, everybody made her feel less than beautiful, she loved the moon it gave her hope, her cries were so silent, painful, filled with regret that it could tear the night sky apart, her laughter could disintegrate the world, it was so beautiful and
priceless that it could heal and end this world, her eyes were so fascinating that when you look at them you see your whole life, the moon, pain, happiness, and the future, she was kind, pure-hearted , she loved all humans and animals, broken, hurt, destructive, it didn't matter to her she still loved them and gave them chances, cause she never got that in life...
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Before we start, the world I live in is much diffe

February 25th, 2019 by emiwrites3reads
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Rain, it hammers down my back. Heavy shackles slow me a I walk in the mud.I’m not alone. Maybe forty others walk with me. We are all where shackles on our wrist and ankles. There’s a long chain locking us together. They are all from different races. We were all unfortunate to be spotted by an elven patrol. Now we were heading for the same fate, slavery.
We would of been more lucky if it was a Vampire patrol. As ironic as it seems, they are more humane. It still doesn’t change the fact they are allies with the humans. My entire race wishes they were dead. Than again, my race is separated into two groups. There’s the light-folk, and then there’s the fallen. I’m one of the fallen. My black wings make t...
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Return to the camp


December 28th, 2018 by bernicestockstill
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Upon return to camp, they hear the news of the recent attacks of monsters, and misfortune. After the fleece is placed on the dying tree, the properties begin to take effect. The last race is organized for tomorrow and as Percy is in the stables, brushing the horses an unexpected visitor comes. Hermes delivers a letter from Poseidon. Inside the letter
there is only two words; brace yourself. Percy wonders what this may mean. Tyson and Percy work on their chariot in preparation outfitting it. Percy and Tyson end up winning the race. Grover’s expedition earns him the favor of the council of cloven elders. Percy contacts his mother and the two have a short discussion. Tyson breaks the news to Percy that he wil...
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A quiet girl with a deafening mind...

December 27th, 2018 by Jayla_Louise
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I grew up in a small town called Cedar Key, Florida. I was just an average girl with an average family. Two loving parents and one younger sister. I'm currently 16 years old and have been living in this same house for the past 8 years of my life. I attend Cedar Key high school, which is in fact the only high school we have around. So you can say that it is
a quite simple structure with fewer people than in a normal school. Although, I live a normal life with a basic family and school. I am... Different.
My name is Dianthe, although, people call me Diane for short. My name means 'Quiet and Introspective', which I believe does reflect my own personality. My story revolves around my thoughts on how society sees...
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The Dance of The Marquis

Six people. Four stories. One coming cataclysm

December 13th, 2018 by DonatelloCreates
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Chapter 1.1: A Murder By The Sea: Daxfoss

I walked in the middle of the black road, lit only by torches and the sunlight that the ash clouds let through when they parted. I navigated the darkness they brought when the fire sand clouds came together. I clung to my small pouch filled with gold that I swiped from unsuspecting pockets. I only had enough to
get me to Esior and keep me fed for a week, I hoped that I could find a job, maybe even a place to stay by then, I doubted that dream but I hoped nonetheless. I look up at the black sky, I see the upper levels of the city and it's black and red walkways. I look at the entrances to the winding stairs that lead there as I walked. I see the sunlight hit the groun...
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Bite-Size Tales

Bite-Size Tales is a collection of short stories.

November 10th, 2018 by wyntraureole
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Jilāya was the monster and she knew it. She knew that she was the creature that parents told their children about a night. She knew how they would tell children about how she hide under the beds and in the closets and because of these tales children were scarred so that she could hide in the minds of the
ones who were taught to fear her. She scared everyone and everything and this includes herself. Jilāya did not look the part of a monster, if anything she would have been seen as an angel in her sisters new town; They would have been struck with awe when seeing the twisting horns protruding from her skull and hearing her tales that were seen through her empt...
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Dream Girl

Story about a man's dream coming true.

April 28th, 2018 by nisthaverma
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She cut a piece from my heart and picked it up by inserting the tip of the blade of a long knife. Very delicately she straightened the knife to carry the blood sprinkling meat piece into her mouth. A red stream of blood, emanating from the tip and travelling on the shining sharp steel blade, filled the groove of the five corners star sign marked on the blade
just before the wooden handle of the knife. Few drops of blood spilled from her lips' joint at the right side as soon as she started chewing the piece. She smiled as she gulped the meat.
I felt a sharp cut on my chest and found it too heavy to breathe. I opened my eyes. Oh my god! It was a dream - a nightmare. After realising that it was a dream, I became...
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Behind Bars

Elizabeth Frost meets Arrogance and Ignorance

December 12th, 2017 by Kookies101
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Detective Elizabeth scanned over the marble white villa as she hopped out of her gold Jeep Cherokee and onto the crowd filled streets. She flashed her badge at the police officer standing just inside the tape and was led under the tape onto the crime scene. Her twin brother, Landon, strolled over as if he was walking in the park holding out a cup of coffee
to Elizabeth which she gratefully accepted – with a slight smile on her lips. “Well?” Landon leant on the hood of a police car as he swept his gaze over the grounds.
“It’s safe to say that this should have been the last place a murder could’ve happened,” Elizabeth rolled her eyes at him. “Sheesh Biz, chill. The victim was Henry Campbell, a ma...
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First Chapter. Not sure how to submit real chaps.

September 23rd, 2017 by Big Bad Wolf Productions
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You can trap yourself, y’know? Put yourself in a place where you can’t quite reach the exit. Caught in a labyrinth of your own thoughts and feelings. Lost in a hell of your own making, filled with the demons who know more about you than you do. You made them after all. You’re all they can know.

As he broke free of the light around him into the
shadow of the woods, Peren felt safer. But knew his pursuers would be hot on his trail. As such he had to use his superior knowledge of these trees to his advantage, but how much good would it do against the king's men? Were they not endless immortals of immeasurable power and tenacity unmatched by even the beastfolk of the Farlands? No, Peren thought to himself...
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Making Lemonade

"They say life is tough, but baby, so are you." •

August 13th, 2017 by joriemarauthor
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"Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat."

May 2017

Life completely shattered me in ways I can not explain. The muscles on my legs, arms, and abdomen spasm and fidget as I desperately gasp for oxygen. My lungs no longer have the endurance and strength to do so. I run my fragile
and brittle finger nails down my soaking wet face as the pulsating of my heart increases.

I am alone in my small living room, light prohibited from entering and knees pressed against the cold porcelain tile. My insides ache profoundly and I can no longer withstand the agony of this soul piercing torture. I weep with all of my might until my being is complet...
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Homemade Quotes

My never ending book of quotes.

March 16th, 2016 by Martijn Koenen
Martijn Koenen
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"Every human is his own author in life. If you look closely you can see that everyone is carrying a backpack full of life stories.

Imagine all the fascinating stories you will find if you got permission to look inside.

Still..The Idea that 99.9% of the greatest stories will die with his author  is one of the saddest stories
of al." 

by Alter Stories CHILDREN

“The most unpredictable stories are our children.

You will never know when the PLOT TWIST kicks in."

by Alter Stories                                                                           BLIND

"The GREATEST STORIES are stories happening right before your eyes.

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