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Southern Conquest

What happens when old money and new money collide

June 8th, 2024 by VagabondLee
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"Colored people moving into this neighborhood? This is definitely going to cause an uproar with Colonel." Ivy says groggily in a southern South Carolinian drawl.

After a few moments, Ivy retreats to her bedroom. She makes her bed and goes into her sprawling walk-in closet. She pulls an outfit off the rack. It is a bronze mid-sleeve shirt. Sewn into the
bronze top is a black blouse. The pants are also bronze. She grabs a pair of flat black shoes and exits the closet.

She lays her outfit on her bed and sets her shoes on the floor.
She heads into her bathroom and takes a moment to look at her reflection. She has green eyes that sparkle like Florida's Emerald Coast and heart-shaped lips. She proceeds to wa...
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Appalachia Tales: Knowing Fear

Being a teenager in 1968 is tough.

June 8th, 2024 by VagabondLee
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(November, 1968)

Deep in the mountainous region of North Carolina sleeps the city of Wolf Colony. It is a cold Monday morning for this valley utopia. In the Lori O’Shea neighborhood stands the St. James residence. It is a two-story red brick house complete with a hipped roof and a long porch. The white entablature is supported by four Doric
On the porch are four white rocking chairs with two on both sides. In between them are small brown circular tables. Resting on them are glass ashtrays. The front door is white with six panels and a gold doorknob. 
Upon entering the home there is a large cherry wood table in the middle of the foyer. On the right side of the foyer is an oak wood ...
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Echoes of Fate

A prince, cursed and forgotten, seeks redemption.

May 14th, 2024 by GodXAsura
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Chapter 1: The Curse

In the heart of the prosperous kingdom of Ardenia, where emerald forests whispered ancient secrets and snow-capped mountains kissed the heavens, the castle of Aldric and Elara stood as a beacon of strength and prosperity. High atop its battlements, the golden banners of Ardenia fluttered proudly in the morning breeze, heralding the
dawn of a new era.

Within the gilded halls of the royal chambers, Queen Elara, radiant and resplendent in her regal attire, awaited the arrival of her child. Her voice, a melodic lilt that echoed with the promise of a brighter tomorrow, mingled with the soft strains of harp music that filled the air. Beside her, King Aldric, his countenance alight with anti...
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my two inventions

projects for future

April 24th, 2024 by jayjo767
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A laser-ion engine is a device that uses a combination of a laser and an ion engine to create a cascade of discharges that accelerate particles and lead to thrust generation.

The scheme of the laser-ion engine includes the following main components:
1. Laser – used to excite and accelerate electrons in the ionization of the working gas.
2. Power
supply – provides power to the laser and other engine components.
3. Optical system – directs the laser beam to the ionizer, where the ionization process takes place.
4. Ionizer – responsible for the ionization of the working gas by irradiating it with a laser and creating plasma.
5. Ion accelerator – accelerates and directs charged particles towards ...
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Corrupted beyond the soul

The outside world chapter 1

April 21st, 2024 by alluminor
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The world outside Tilly's window was a desolate landscape, painted in hues of gray and draped in an oppressive silence. It was a dystopian reality where corruption clung to every institution like a relentless parasite. Tilly navigated the crumbling streets with a heaviness in her heart, a sense of disconnection that seemed to echo through the empty buildings
and shattered remnants of a society that once thrived.
She felt like a mere spectator in her own life, a ghostly presence wandering through the ruins of a world that had lost its way. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows over the dilapidated structures, Tilly sought solace in the only refuge she could find – her imagination.
In the ...
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Winter Park Residential Mortgage

Explore tailored residential mortgage solutions

April 10th, 2024 by cliftonmortgage
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نمایندگی رسمی درایو دانفوس

نمایندگی رسمی درایو دانفوس 09121181489-09122717361

March 25th, 2024 by vieraelectric
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نمایندگی رسمی درایو دانفوس
صرفه جویی در وقت و هزینه با سرمایه گذاری در کالای با کیفیت و مرغوب
Save your Money and Time by Investing in High-quality Products
ویرا الکتریک Viera Electric نمایندگی رسمی درایو
درایوهای دانفوس نسبت به برندهای دیگر در این صنعت برخی ویژگی‌های منحصر به فرد دارند که آن‌ها را از سایر درایوهای موجود متمایز می‌کند. این ویژگی‌ها عبارتند از:
کارایی بالا: درایوهای دانفوس با داشت...
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To Fare as a Fool

The court jester stages a coup.

March 15th, 2024 by guyami
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Early morn', the cold stone walls of the keep bathe in the red sunlight that leak through the shutters of a stained-glass window. All the royal family -- but the king -- had long since been asleep, and presumably longer still, their slumber continues.
The king was seated, lone, at the table's head in the dining room, a large, seemingly heavy book placed on
the dark wood in front of him. He appeared somewhat entranced, his eyes flickering across the page, then stopping, then flickering again....
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The Stone Keeper's Quest- Elrich

Opharn meet dragon army

February 21st, 2024 by jamie8888
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When Elrich, a young orphan, stumbles upon a dying dragon and a mysterious stone, he doesn’t realize he holds the key to a cosmic conflict. The stone is the Firestone, a source of unimaginable power that can destroy the universe in the wrong hands.
And there are plenty of wrong hands eager to get it: the ruthless Dragon Lord Vorghul, who leads a horde of
rebel dragons; the wicked witch, Moribund, who seeks the Firestone to unlock an ancient tomb and unleash dark magic; and the tyrannical King Gilfillan II who needs the Firestone to win his fight against both dragons and witches, while fighting to protect his own throne from his ambitious cousin. Elrich must protect the Firestone from all these enemies, even ...
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The Friend of Collin McCormick

Friend is either really observant or supernatural.

August 11th, 2023 by DarkKupyd
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I suspect my childhood friend is a mind reader. He always knows what to say to me or what I'm thinking before I even think it. Like out in the hallway a few minutes ago. I was reading a poster for theater auditions when-

"You should stick with the yearbook." Collin had magically appeared beside me from the throng of students. He rested his arm on my
shoulder. I shoved him off.

"It's senior year. Let me do something fun. Something exciting!" I protested with glee.

Jasmine Kim, a notorious gossiper chuckled from beside me. I didn't like her. She chewed too loud and was flat-out mean. Her rudeness was often mistaken as sarcasm by everyone so she was a bit of a social butterfly. We bumped into each other f...
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Falling in love with a YouTuber

This is a look into my life and how it changes.

June 29th, 2023 by xplrgirl
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Chapter 1

I never in my whole 33 years would have ever imagined that I would be living in Los Angeles, going to FIDM, the best school for Fashion in the United States, Living with my best friend, and just living the best life I could possibly be living.
I grew up south of LA, in a small town called Chula Vista. I did all of my schooling down there, even
got a job after high school and worked my ass off to be able to go to my dream school.
Ever since I was younger my grandma and I would sew clothes for my dolls. My grandma was the best, she taught me how to hand sew my own clothes, she taught me how to cross stitch, and how to make quilts. My grandma was the best ever, she was and always will be my favorite...
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Charlie Days

Carson, has to figure out how to raise Charlie.

June 8th, 2023 by Kaceyishungry
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Charlie Days



Carson's eyes roamed over the white tree, stark against the pitch-black sky. He slid his thumb down the side of his coffee cup.


Carson turned from the window to see Charlie standing in the doorway of the living room. She pulled on
the front of the tshirt she had insisted on wearing to bed.

“You’re supposed to be in bed, Charlie. What do you need?” he whispered. He set down his coffee mug and padded over to her. She raised her hands and he hoisted her little self onto his hip. She was growing everyday, but she still was the smallest little girl in her preschool class.
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Number 4

The kids with powers. Kids who are wanted killed

March 3rd, 2023 by HaileyGG
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Chapter 1
The searing pain in her left arm was too much to handle. She dropped to her knees to the soft carpeted floor, her long red har falling in her face while clutching her left arm to her chest as tears ran down her face. Soon it was not just her left arm her whole body felt like it was on fire she felt as if she was burning alive. But just as soon as
the pain started it stopped sending a chill up her spine. She looked down to her arm to see a black tattoo-like image of the number 10 appear on her arm. It looked eerily similar to the number 4 on her other arm.

As soon as she regained her lost strength she got up from her knees still clutching her left arm to her chest and slowly walked down the hallwa...
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Secrets we don't tell

Love is beautiful unless it's built on a lie

February 12th, 2023 by Reality97
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Broken woods

Walking alone in the dark forest, Lana rubbed her arms. It was indeed very cold at 3 am. “Why did I even agree to come here? Ugh now I got lost,” Lana talked to herself. For sure right now she was regretting listening to her friends. Sighing maybe for the nth time, she looked around trying to see where her friends were camping. Hearing
some noises, she immediately stopped walking and looked around.
“Who is there?” she asked, frightened. Hearing no response, she squinted her eyes, trying to see if someone was there or she heard things. Not seeing anything, she walked again. “Maybe I am hallucinating,” she said to herself. Pushing away the long branches of the fallen trees, she made h...
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Paranormal Bureau of Investigation

Percy, a non-binary vampire.

December 16th, 2022 by PercySlayer
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Percy looked down at their bloodied hands, the cow in front of them absolutely decimated, red spots tainting the previously green grass a sickly shade with blood. Before, this would have been disgusting, enough to make Percy break down, but now that a set of pearly white canines poked past their pale lips, it was a delicious sight, reeling them in and
begging to be tasted. Percy grimaced and wiped their hands on their pretty turquoise blouse, not caring for the trouble they’d be in later. They had to figure out how to get the stains out eventually. “Crap,” Percy muttered, licking the pearls of blood off their fingertips, very unsympathetic towards the life they just ended. Cow’s blood was tasty, and Per...
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Fates intertwined

Freya and Jacqueline falls into another dimension

November 1st, 2022 by Nemolie
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The 31th day in July once a year at night with a full moon something exquisite happens at the Lyanne Lake. But only the Lake itself may decide who is worthy of it's grace. Only when midnight begins a portal to a forgotten land opens in one minute.
But never have two people at the same time been blessed by the Lake to enter. That was until
Freya and Jacqueline were both chosen for something great, coincidence? I think not, rather fate.
They both get sucked in by the portal into another dimension and meets a man named Kain. He explains that they were chosen by the Lake to defeat Callisto who has taken over the land called Valendale. Only together they will succeed with their quest.
Will t...
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