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The Debt of a Soul (pt.1)

Everything has a price.

March 31st, 2020 by Atomayes
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As i heard the door creak open and a chill wind would slip in, i would walk towards the window opposite from the door, i knew he would come, he always comes. A cold chill shot through the room an the candles all went out except for the one to my right. I stood there holding my neckless and staring through the window "is it time" i said looking at the
snowfall outside, the snow was bright, it looked as if it had been painted by the most talented artist, it was perfect, the sun was just rising, just over the pick of the mountain. I turned an looked towards him "is it my time?" i asked once again staring at him, he was dressed in a dark black suit, his undershirt was a bright blood-red, and his tie was dark black,...
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The adventures of jake

The mystery of Andrew Norman

March 30th, 2020 by umerkhan
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jake was born on 23 March 1992. His father's name was joe Wilson and mothers name was Lilly. Wilson. Years past and Jake grew older he went to middle school and made two very good friends Andrew and Jonny.they spent their life together as best friends till graduation.after that they found good jobs and got settled with their careers. But Andrew disappeared.
jake found a job as a detective, Jonny got a job as a businessman. sometimes they met each other but Andrew never came to any of them. They started to get suspicious. jake started to find Andrew himself by using police computers and also asked many people about him but no one knew where he was. Andrew Norman was born on 18 June 1992.his father's name was kyl...
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About life in my view part -1

about life my views

March 27th, 2020 by Dhayanithi
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LIFE abbreviation according to me:
L- Learning
I- Information
F- From
“ Which means everything in this world has its unique knowledge. From mighty lion
you can learn how to be brave, from ants you can learn handwork and son “.
Life is like a football game.
Where you have the ball and you will try to put that ball in the goal
Like that in life if you have passion, hard work, and hunger to succeed you
can easily reach your goal. In football the opponent tries to take away the
ball from you, likewise in life, there may be several struggles and you may
have a hard time but don’t be disappointed try to put the ball in the goal post
named success. During that hard time, som...
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Living Like

Living like a life

March 26th, 2020 by HerrHans
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So this is it...
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My Unfortunate Experience With Love

A story and a lesson.

March 25th, 2020 by Arena_H
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Hello. This is my millionth writing attempt. It is going well so far. I think. Or rather hope. Anyway, let us begin. The current date is Tuesday, match 24, 2020. The coronavirus has caused home isolation all through the globe. For me, my school district issued all of its students to go to school form home using online selections to teach. I have no major
problems with it so far. It is a fine way to teach. However, all of this time at home is making me relive one of the worst moments in my life. Particularly, January first. The day my first serious (and long-distance) boyfriend went poof on me or rather stated that he was going to. I remember how fast my heart thudded deep within my chest cavity and how hard it ...
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Zydn's Stry2 Fighting the Zombies

Please read Stry1 first

March 24th, 2020 by rd my stry pls
rd my stry pls
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‘How did they come?’ I thought. Those zombies came way too fast. I could feel my heart pumping the blood through my veins, my body all stiff up, and the fear of the attack. Now, all I could think of is my parents. Will they be okay? I looked up in the sky. Black clouds circled around each other and with a mix of thunder. I looked tremendously terrifying.
I hid in my mine and locked the door shut. Terrified, I mined a little underground base and mined up some more coal with a little bit of iron. I smelted my iron and saved it for later.

I looked out the door and saw a girl holding a wooden sword trying to fend off the zombies. I had to help her. But as soon as I opened the door, I thought of the scary zom...
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(Zydn's Stry1) Fighting the Zombies


March 23rd, 2020 by rd my stry pls
rd my stry pls
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Hi. I am Zayden. Zydn is short for my name.

‘Ahh,’ I said. I looked out the window and saw leaves floating down and the children chasing each other around. Today was my last day at my mum’s house because I am old enough to survive on my own. After 13 years living in mum’s house, I developed my surviving skills. Now I am ready to survive. I packed
all my belongings including my chest, furnace, crafting table and bed. Just as I was about to walk out there door: “Honey!” mum said cheerfully, “Going already?”
Great. Why do you have to wake up now? “I made your favourite! Cookies and milk!” Hearing the words ‘cookies and milk’ controlled my mind. “Fine.” I said. Mum gave me a smile an...
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They Come out on Sundays

Sinister drawings come to life.

March 23rd, 2020 by CynicalKayy
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You'd never expect to get something like this on a Sunday afternoon. Opening the gray metal mailbox, peering in to find a thin tan piece of paper that has been folded not once but twice. Brown stains cover it, like it was just dropped in a puddle. You've never seen something like it, and it was intriguing at first.
A letter? I've never got one of those
Living in a town like this, getting mail is seldom. The only time mail ever comes is when bills are due. So delicately and swiftly you unfold the paper, it crinkles in between your fingers, flipping it over once it is open in your hands to see what’s on the other side. What’s there leaves a churning, sour feeling in your gut. The drawing of a star...
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Beginning to an End:Chapter 1/pt1

The field trip to the Spring Fair is coming up.

Com'on, come on, end already! I ran my hands through my hair. I couldn't take it any longer. The class, the teacher, how the clock ticked ever so slightly. Why won't you end?!
I glanced up, my eyes falling on the girl sitting in the row in front of me. Ambrina Dancer, or Amber for short, the girl I'm going to make mine. Her head turned to the side to
look at a poster on the wall. I watched her eyes scan the letters reading "English is Cool!". Did I believe those words? Absolutely not. Did I want to believe those words? Not particularly.
Her eyes flicked to the side, in my direction. I swore in my head, feeling my cheeks flush red. Quickly, I turned my eyes to stare down at my notebook to make it...
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Beginning to an End: Prologue

8 dragons, 8 relics, 8 people, 2 worlds.

Long ago lived four dragons. Each dragon controlled a different element, along with certain parts of the world.
Fire. Dragon of strategy, warfare, fire, light, loyalty, community, and unity. And in some cases, entertainment.
Earth. This is the dragon of strength, sturdiness, rock, nature, and craftsmanship.
Water. Dragon of waves, magic, intelligence,
sliness, and adaptivity.
And finally Air. Dragon of kingship and leadership, medicine, mercy, sky, and the day time.
These four dragons made up the world and everything about it. Taking on the name the Begining Dragons, for they created the world.
As time passed, the dragons' magic slowly started to fade, the magic seeping into the world and transfe...
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A brown hatted monkey

A girl meets monkey with a hardhat in the woods.

March 11th, 2020 by MF
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I always liked to walking alone in the woods. It helped me connect with the nature. As always after the hectic day I went for a walk in the evening. The smell of the wet grass, the whistling of wind as it chased the leaves was enough to refresh any soul. As I covered nearly half way of my track I felt like someone or something was chasing me. I looked back
but it was nothing. Probably the after affect of the horror movie from last night. "Hey miss you... Yea you.. You dropped your snack down there.." What? I looked back with a shock. No one was there. Walking a few steps back. I saw the snack lying on the muddy floor to I keep to my blood sugar in check. Near the snack was a small monkey staring at me. I rubb...
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The Arsonist

A blazing fire burns down a hospital

February 26th, 2020 by jakeyrobison
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Glass crunched under, gowns and needles were straughn throughout the room, notes were tossed around like candy rappers, and John was the only one occupying the vacant space that was once a room. John Micheal was turning 17, and as a treat to himself, he set off to explore an abandoned building in his town. John was born in Southwest Hospital, located in
Galena, Illinois, the same hospital in fact, had closed down earlier that year. John was considering canceling his plans to visit the hospital, but, he wanted to see the final resting place of his mother. Carol Rodriguez, John’s mom, had passed away during childbirth, the gynecologist left air in the tube before giving the shot, she died that same day due to b...
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A surprise around every corner.

February 26th, 2020 by jakeyrobison
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Main Character(s) - Rachel, Polly, Garret, Jack
Side Character(s) - Kristian (Mom)
Protagonist - Garret
Antagonist - Desiree
Chapter count - 2 so far
Word count - 488

The day began as per usual. The crack of dawn blinding me as I awoke, the blaring
sound of the alarm clock, but something just felt off. Of course like all days I got ready for another day of what seemed to be a never-ending year of highschool. Mom was at work and Dad was no longer with us, so I geared myself up for another day. While preparing a bowl of cereal I noticed something on the TV that would propel me into yet another bad day, t...
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the timeless dragon

information is needed to continue our journey.

February 26th, 2020 by holydrkfire
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as we reached to where the timeless dragon is, he just bowed as a greeting.
welcome to my mountain, new gatekeeper, and your companions too, it has been almost 5000 years since i last saw you, or rather, since i last saw the past version of you.
i know you're here for information, you've come always for the same reason.
as for who you are, that is not me
who should tell you that, i can only tell you about who you'll be, and what powers lie inside of you.
as you are now, you are to scale on the hierarchy of both demons and angels untill you reach the power to govern both.
when you do, you'll be the omnipotent ruler and protector of this world.
that, my child, is your duty as the keeper of the doors of th...
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the hitman

a man wishes to end someone else.

February 25th, 2020 by holydrkfire
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the man is at the bar, you'll recognize him because he has a piece of his left ear missing and the nail of his heart finger in the right hand has three colors, black, blue and purple, in that order.
you'll give him the package with the info and the money, then wait in another place in the same bar.
if he accepts the target, he'll give you a coin, if he
doesn't he'll return the package along with a card.
the coin has a code hidden in it were when deciphered it tells you where you can get to an address and talk to him later about details.
the card has names, usually of those he can get of you, for you to not talk about him or try to contact him anymore.
but if he doesn't appear anymore and doesn't give y...
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What If?

Don't get caught. And don't ask 'what if'.

February 21st, 2020 by beca
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My feet hit the ground running, pain shooting through my head and my stomach. Rain pounding on the pavement, tearing into my skin, leaving me cold, breathless.
I can't let him find me, not again. He said he'd kill me if I tried to escape last time. But I can't let him hurt... it.

I never wanted this thing inside me, never wanted my body to be anything
but my own, but I'm done having him use me, hurt me, over and over.

I've stopped running. Why've I stopped running? I start again, picking up my pace, scared I can see his shadow closing in on me and-

It's my shadow. He's got me scared of my own shadow.

I can feel my right eye swelling up, bruises forming on my arms and stomach over the ones alread...
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