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The Legacy - Return To The Past

A man tries to right a wrong in the past.

September 26th, 2021 by Whaledreamer
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Nick glanced over his shoulder to make sure on one was around. He didn’t want to be seen doing this. His father wouldn’t like it. But Nick didn’t care what his father liked anymore. He was way passed that. He didn’t want to be here anymore after what the Na’en had done to this world. It wasn’t right. He had
to do something to fix it. And there was only one way he could do this. He just didn’t want his father to find out.
Nick was sure his father would know what he was about to do eventually. He just wanted him to find out later. Much later. He took his young son’s hand and led the way into the one of the many storage rooms aboard the Mothership orb...
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Lost King of Elenora

The story of an undead king, lost from his kingdom

September 3rd, 2021 by sanren
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Chapter 01

Death wasn't sympathetic. I learned that. It seized where it could, reaching individuals who were far too young, far too valuable. It didn't pretend to care; it didn't fool to distinguish. Death did not discriminate between souls. The hooded cloak of death had hung over the world for a long time, invariably intimidating. It had never touched me
once so intimately. Death had ripped away a part of me, the part of me that was most loved. A challenge it taught me to despise, hate, and fear brought me compassion. I didn't dread him. I feared not knowing what he might do and where he might take me. He causes no pain beyond what life provides. He is not greedy; he is not rude or rough. He only carries me...
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The Ideology

Chapter 1

September 3rd, 2021 by zayeet
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The first thing that came to existence were the screams and gunshots in the air, all vibrating and making an earthquake of horrible catastrophic events that will lead to my fate. I opened my eyes, though, and saw people running away from hands in the air. Long, slender looking bugs with scorpion tails grabbed them and ate them with their long tentacle-like
tongues. Explosions were everywhere, airplanes were dropping in and shooting the horrible beasts. a soldier with a cross on his shoulder hid behind a flipped over car and shot his gun at the bugs. The attempt was futile since the bullets simply bounced off of them. I quickly ducked as one of the bug's long legs swept in a low arch. The bug knocked aside the c...
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The White Threat

Insects with unknown origin threathen human life.

August 27th, 2021 by julesberry
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During a sunny day, everything started when I heard my dog making noises in the garden.
I decided to approach him, and he kept on splashing dirt against the windows and overall intended to create a mess.

My mother then walked out and talked to me, asking what's happening.
I answered that the dog was acting weird, and something caught our

Our tree, in our front garden, had weird white webs and cocoons hanging of its branches.
We were both speechless for a few seconds, and then white insects of the size of a pencil case flew out of the tree and began to take me for their target.

I yelled to my mother that I'll find help, and I ran as my life was on the line.
One of them scratched me,...
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Iman Safar nezhad biography

Career, early life,education ...

August 5th, 2021 by thundera
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Iman Safar nezhad is an Iranian basketball player and professional dunker born on Tehran, Iran.
Iman Safar Nezhad ( Born on 6th October 1993, Wednesday)) is a well-known Iranian Professional dunker and Basketball Player Born in Tehran the Capital of Iran. Slam dunk specialist who has been documented with having a forty-four+ inches vertical jump.

Iman Safar Nezhad is an Iranian Basketball player and professional dunker born on October 06, 1993, in Tehran, Iran, Growing up in a sports-loving family his talent started showing when he was in elementary school, he playing soccer and he was a goalkeeper his school sports coach concluded that his talents and abilities were suitable for basketball, and...
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The Key To The Bad Boy's Heart

Have you ever met a person who at first glance you

August 2nd, 2021 by duncanxxgwen13
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Alright, I need to clarify somethings that will make the story a little easier to understand:
First off:I'm aware that it is very cliche and the writing might not be the best. I'm asking you to understand that I am only fifteen years old I'm not going to be as amazing as Shakespeare.
Second:I'm aware that this story is most likely well
played out meaning that you've heard a similar story multiple times, but trust me they're some interesting topics throughout the story (especially as the story progresses).
Third:The main character isn't going to be completely observant throughout at least the first act of the story. If she was, then the story would be over in two chapters. I need to add s...
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Seeking Shadows

The Source must be protected

July 20th, 2021 by Jayleejay
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“You know, there’s not much I can do to you with a whole cage between us. Could you at least loosen the cuffs?”
“I’m sure there is plenty that you could do.”
“You scared?”
“Not scared. Just not looking to make my life more difficult.”
“Then you probably should’ve just let me be.”
Landon made eye contact with Hannah through his
rearview mirror, and she smiled at him.
“When we first met, you weren’t scared either. Remember what a mistake that was?”
Landon chuckled. “I wouldn’t say that the lack of fear was my issue the last time we met.”
“So you admit, you were afraid?”
“I was new and stupid.”
“And now you’re seasoned and wise.”
“Now I’ve been foo...
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The Squirrel Factory

Squirrels working in a factory.

July 17th, 2021 by JihyunChoi
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Jeffrey strolled down B block of the Squirrel Factory, supervising all the worker squirrels cracking open walnuts. "You! Use the ways that you learned in school!" he'd often shout at a clueless squirrel who was scratching his head, trying to figure out what to do. He was the Head Supervisor of B block, which meant that he was in charge of watching over the
elite worker squirrels of the Squirrel Factory-making sure nobody was smoking nut-flavored cigarettes and drinking squirrel-cohol. ...
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Impact of emotional abuse

Chapter 1-Gitanjali
It's unbelievable that two years have passed since it happened. It feels as if I have changed fundamentally. I cannot recognize the person I was before. I still cannot talk to people about what happened and how to feel about it. therapy helps to a large extent but I cannot be open about my feelings. They are so contradictory. I guess
there are some thoughts and emotions which are difficult to express. Most of them are related to shame.

My current therapist is really nice. Unlike my previous one she is not very dismissive of my experiences in college. She acknowledged that I had faced sexual harassment from my former professor. In the me too era, sexual harassment has ben acknowledged...
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"Lady in the white dress: {Project}

Project 1

July 13th, 2021 by WriterKB
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I wake up everyday is the same day but the only thing different is this dream its not a nightmare it's just i dream i tell myself but its so realistic like i was actually there the dream is about a woman a beautiful woman she looked about 5’5 i couldn't see what she looked like because in every dream her face was always blurred out and another thing there
was always four men in black suits chasing after her i wondered to myself why why would they chase after this woman this woman was always in this white dress beautiful white dress with what looked like a baby in her hands but then when i even feel like i get close i wake up.

I look to my right and I look outside the window wondering if today will be any...
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Jannet Mitchell Chap 1

A girl becomes an orphan

June 30th, 2021 by Huda
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It was night and young Jannet was tossing and turning in bed when it all happened. Her whole world came shattering down. Back then, she did not really know what was happening but she quickly hid under her bed because the one thing she knew was that something was fishy. Her heart was beating fast when she heard guns being fired. She peeped through the keyhole
but could see nothing so she gathered up all the courage and stepped outside. Her jaw touched the ground and her heart skipped a beat realizing what had been going on. There she saw two dead bodies. Both her parents were dead and blood was everywhere. She ran back in her room as fast as she could and sat down in despair knowing everything was hopeless now. ...
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The warriors Frist Move

A warrior most move before a man can follow

June 30th, 2021 by King of death
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A child was sitting inside a building he was inside a damp room filled with posters and trinkets. The child's stomach then went off he mounded while getting up not wanting to walk all the way over there but he pulled himself up and walked to a tiny mini-fridge when he looked inside it was empty he knew he had to leave so he got on his sandals and left he
was walking down the street when he noticed that a truck was spreading towards him at a high speed so he tried jumping to the side but he was too late and he got hit his vision started getting dark. and darker until he could only see black all around him but his conscious did not disappear it was still here even after 100 years it was still there until a light...
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Behind My Perfect Mask

"Family? Friends? Love? What are those?"

June 25th, 2021 by Angel_Has_Fallen
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I turned the music up. Hugging my legs as I stared at my feet.

A female and male voice could be heard. Glass shattering and cries of pain and anger. More shouting.

Tears streaming down my cheeks.

This was normal. I couldn't count anymore how many times they fought. They could just not stop fighting for just one day.

I don't even know what
they're fighting for. I turned my music louder as they're voices are getting louder. My hands trembling.

The voices stopped. I was confused at the same time happy they stopped.

I was planning to stand up but A knock interrupted me from the door leaning on. My eyes widened as I stopped from doing any sounds.

I was lucky I turned off the lights. I covere...
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a beautiful girl with a dark secret

June 18th, 2021 by nana_9206
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i walk into school as if nothing happen. people surround me and ask me questions and i just smile and say i don't know what your talking about knowing damn well i know exactly what went i pretend as if im sad while walking through the halls i try to contain my laughter.
As i walk in class i my teacher tells me Sacara you are excused from doing
homework and i said thank you i really needed a break and asked if i could use the bathroom . he says yes of course i leave the classroom and i laugh while i walk to the bathroom.
As i entered the bathroom i started talking to myself and saying they really fell for it damn it was that freaking easy i shouldve done this years ago.
As i entered the bathro...
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Wolf in sheep's clothing (not done)

This story isn't finished, enjoy tho.

June 15th, 2021 by Ghost
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Today was May 1st, 2001. I can never forget the past when I first discovered my little brother’s dead body. The first day of his Birthday was the first day when he died on the day of spring. Birds were chirping as they flew by the bloody midnight coruscating river, the skies were black as the black wolves of Hollow falls; wolves with sharp long ears
pointed back that are the size of a tree branch that falls from the boughs that are connected to the great tallest trees of Mother nature’s pure flesh and blood. They grow out from the thistle and weed’s out from the dead corpse as they scream “father dear god help me~” but in a way that the roots from the tree grow’s out from their flesh straight out f...
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What It Means To be Queen


June 12th, 2021 by Writer C
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Since my parents died a month ago I am forced to become Queen. It wasn’t like I had much of a childhood anyway, I spent day after day learning from scrolls that have no idea what being an actual Queen is.

The scrolls state that a Queen is only present to support the King and of course produce the next heir. But if you hadn’t noticed in a game of
chess, if the Queen is captured then that party is forced to forfeit.

“The Queen is the heart of the Kingdom, I will be the first to show my Kingdom to worship me without a King at my side.”
“Your majesty, you must realize that you are only thirteen years of age. The soldiers are out of control, wondering who is going to rule over them.” My guard e...
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