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The Problem with Immortality

A kid realizes he is immortal.

September 13th, 2022 by AnderHearn
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"This is ridiculous." I said as I pulled what looked to be a knife out of my chest. I mean, this really is ridiculous. All of my so-called friends were laughing hysterically. I mean, just because I am immortal doesn't mean you can shove knives in my chest! I've had enough! I am gonna tell them to leave me alone and to stop trying to..."Oh! You guys are real
jerks!" Someone just shot me!

"Oh, don't be mad, man. We are making some really good content here! We already got a few likes."

"How would you guys like it if I stabbed you in the chest or shot you in the back of the head?"

"Uh, dude, we'd be dead and you'd be in jail for the rest of your natural life, which is eternity."

Why did I tell anyone I ...

Hide and Seek With A Deadly Twist

A action-packed mysterious romance novel for 12+

August 7th, 2022 by sroser
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Kiara Hart

Hi. My name is Kiara, and I’m 16. I live on Blood Rose Island, named for its native poisonous roses. This is part of my story… our family’s story, the part where I found out my mom was alive… and more.

This morning, I woke up feeling melancholy and miserable. I had always felt that way, since age 4. You see, my mother disappeared
when I was 4. The only thing I have left of her is the picture in my locket. As for my father, he works all the time. I literally almost never see him. At all. Growing up, my three older-by-a-minute siblings took care of me. Charlie, Alex, and Ari (short for Arianna) are a minute older than the other, Ari bIang the oldest. Charlie’s nex, then Alex, then me....

Among Us


February 4th, 2022 by Pnut_butre
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Chapter 1

*a ship in space*

Doug- *wakes up* *realizes* oh no no no no no

Doug- where am I?

*he's in the middle of nowhere*

Doug- computer, where am I?

*computer offline*

*hears a bang on the top of the ship*

*Doug opens cams*

Doug- oh no…

*a creature is on top of the ship*

Doug’s thoughts- I got to have shurk spray

*the cabinet is empty*

*the monster on top of the ship (shurk) starts clawing at the ship*

*tries to start the ship*

*no fuel*

*a tiny hole appears in the roof*

*tink* *tink* *tink*

*Doug puts his astronaut helmet back on*


*the shurk comes through*

*Doug gets clawed*

*hes bleeding out*

*he opens the shutter door and...

The Commander of Flames

Humans Vs Monsters

January 15th, 2022 by Lexidaydream
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In the shimmering light of the violet dawns, the rabbits race. Chasing each other, through the green paths of the forest. This made them catchable. How one or two made a hearty meal for the families of the hunter. The small, fluffy, creature thumbed his foot against the path, once, twice, three times, as a gust of powerful wind blew through its fur. His
fluffy little boy leaped into the air, as little specks of free white fur, loosened, leftwards to explore the world. As the creature noticed her, the rabbit struck. Anything to ward off capture. Though he managed to keep on running further, the path was becoming shorter, the rabbit was unable to keep up. Carrying the white specks higher, the wind grew in moment...

They'll be Calling My Name

A girl who has to become queen

November 26th, 2021 by lshap444
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"Kandra Tell me a story." said the young Prince, as I hugged him close to my chest. I stared at the forever burning fire before I spoke. "This is the story of the Greatest Queen who's ever walked the earth. This Queen had Changed the world with magic burning in her veins. she was a rare woman that one. She was so powerful that she took over two realms at
once." The little prince snuggled closer, then whispered "Awesome!" I chuckled. " Most people have forgotten her story, they say that her story was a lie and that it was much too boring to tell," I explained. "Well I don't think so." the prince said. "That's good, Shall I continue?" I said, pulling him even closer. "Yes Please," he whispered. Siren Endore...

Personal Essay final draft

My essay for school

November 17th, 2021 by SleepyChair
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I think online school was a mess for everyone. It felt as if each day was the same. Wake up, stumble through my classes, Try and do homework, and lay around. I barely felt like I was even really learning anything, just doing busy work. I missed actually knowing my teachers and having a relationship with them. Same with my classmates, who I knew so well
before seemed like strangers.
And that’s how life felt until we started to work on our internships. While looking for possible internships I either wanted to do something where I could work from home, or find an opportunity in a medical field. After digging up nothing from my searches. I was desperate for really anything, that’s when my girlfrie...

Just be grateful that you came back

Sometimes just coming back alive isn't enough...

October 21st, 2021 by gobbledeegook
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"Just be grateful that you came back alive."

That fucking look on his face, a mix of disgust, contempt and smart-ass all rolled together. I had seen that look from others - from countless doctors and nurses at so God-damn many hospitals.

I had no idea what was wrong with me - the occasional onset of feelings of sheer terror, the confusion, the anger,
the feeling that I was going to die at any minute. What I did know is that I had become so fucking useless that I couldn't provide for my family - no food, no car, no fucking hope.

So here were, at the office of Social Services, when the woman behind the bullet-proof glass asked, "have you ever been in the military." Before I could utter a word, ...

The Fall of Heaven

Heaven has fallen. God is dead.

September 19th, 2021 by seasonsofsproll
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A thick silence hung in the air in the Silver City. There was no music, no laughter, nothing. At the gates of the city, the angelic host waited. They stared up at the city with blank expressions, anticipating the return of their brother. Off in the distance, a figure appeared at the top of the steps leading to the entrance of Paradise and began to make its
way toward them. Few in the throng reflected it was strange that this entity would walk rather than glide as usual.
Jegudiel’s whip hung from his hand loosely, but his wreath was nowhere to be seen. Blood trickled from his forehead, but he did not show any signs that he was in pain. Upon reaching the gates he paused momentarily before stepping through. The...



August 8th, 2021 by carcamoterrone
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Nadia slides the fabric onto the presser foot of the sewing machine. She has such an incredible ability to sew that she can even talk to her coworkers as she does her work. She laughs, she jests and enjoys life as she checks out and then she takes the bus. When she gets home, she turns on the tv and goes to bed. She thinks about her family, sends
them money every week. Sometimes, when she leaves home she waves at her neighbors, her smile is so powerful that they can´t avoid it even if they sometimes would wish to do so. They feel compromised to have a small talk with her.

One day Nadia gets called by her boss. He gives her a yellow envelope. She opens it. There´s a layoff letter and a check. St...


History of the "Titanoboa"

The Titanoboa is the genus and the world's largest snake and is now extinct. These snakes can grow up to 42ft and can reach a weight of 1,1135 kg! They lived 60–58 million years ago. They lived where is now called La Guajira in northeastern Colombia. They were extinct by the cause of the climax changing and the habitat changing as well. The Titanoboa can
reach about 50 mph of speed on both lands in the water and on land.

Henry Garcia?

Henry Garcia was the first to ever discover a fossil that was up to 42ft and weigh 1,1135 kg called the Titanoboa. “Henry Garcia search for river monsters of the Paleocene Epoch began here by accident 18 years ago. when Colombian geologist Henry Garcia found an unfamil...

The Adventures Of Kailani Rama­rez

A girl with losses and troubles but still survives

March 24th, 2021 by Someone_who_rights
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Kailani was on her way home from school and she was upset so she was hurrying on her way cause she wanted to talk to her mom. But she had then gotten a call. She had received some devastating news. Her parents had died on their way home from their lunch date. She had fallen on the concrete sidewalks crying and screaming. The people living in the houses from
across the street came rushing towards Kailani and had asked her what's wrong repeatedly. She never answered. One of the women standing next to her had heard something from Kailani's phone and the woman had picked the phone up and put it to her ear and said "hello?" and then and there she heard the news dealing with Kailani's parents. She hung up and had rem...


We are in the midst of a sudden “bifurcation”

February 8th, 2021 by alexis_karpouzos
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We are in the midst of a sudden “bifurcation” in the evolutionary trajectory of a complex dynamic system. Bifurcation creates crisis, and crisis, as we know, is both danger and opportunity. Either way, it is a prelude to change. The challenge is to choose the change that leads to a sane and flourishing world. This is a real but non-recurring opportunity.
Failing to seize it means returning to where we have been: facing the prospect of our collective demise. Because for the past several decades we have been exposed to a plethora of crises, and these are likely to be as global as the pandemic, but not necessarily as temporary. They include conditions as bad or worse than a pandemic. For instance: millions dyi...

A tireless Demon Lord

The Demon Lords tireless adventure for relaxation

January 18th, 2021 by SomeGuyElse
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The Demon Lord a being not of the mortal world a being that came from the deepest of hell to bring carnage and destruction in its wake or the only reason he fights is for self defense ...

Sorrowful skies.

A man reminiscing the painful times.

November 18th, 2020 by AwkwardBiscuit
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The orange sky that haunted the clouds above, the man stood there fixing his white hair and looked at a mask.
A mask that was originally white, but now it wall all black, with white painted flowers over it.
"You did love your garden, didn't you Lindsley? Well, the school got burnt down and I'm sorry I couldn't save it." The man spoke up as he sat down by
the hill.
"Sorry I couldn't get you a grave too. Was a little busy painting the town red." The man sighed, he looked at the mask.

"I remember you asked me why I kept it. I told you it was a past that I'm not proud off. It was white when I showed it to you, but now... Black with the darkened blood of all the people I killed." "Lindsley, seems like monst...

Born to Fly

Humans with animal-like powers and transformations

November 14th, 2020 by Keraca808
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Mory lives in a world where everybody's got their own special set of powers from a certain animal. On the day of his graduation from the Bird Land Academy, insect warriors sneak into his homeland and carry out a surprise attack that kills his father and triggers a massive war. An infuriated Mory leaves home and dives right into the war so he can get revenge
against his father's murderers....

The Midnight Fingers

A mystery waiting to be solved.

November 8th, 2020 by echocat
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“Zinnia, I’m home,” Mrs. Robinson called from the kitchen. The wind howled outside and fat raindrops ran down the windows. There was no response from the dark house.

    “Zinnia, sweetie, come get some dinner,” she said hopefully. Nothing.

    Finally, Mrs. Robinson put down the sacks of groceries and marched down the hall to her
daughter’s room.

    “Come on, eat some dinner,” she said while opening the door.

    There was nobody in the bedroom. She checked under the bed, the closet, and under the rug. Nothing. Only a dripping, black painted handprint below the open window. Mrs. Robinson fell to the floor and burst into tears. 

    “Oh, my baby,” she whimpered. “Not her, too.”

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