Kickoff written by Lexidaydream

The Commander of Flames

Humans Vs Monsters

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In the shimmering light of the violet dawns, the rabbits race. Chasing each other, through the green paths of the forest. This made them catchable. How one or two made a hearty meal for the families of the hunter. The small, fluffy, creature thumbed his foot against the path, once, twice, three times, as a gust of powerful wind blew through its fur. His fluffy little boy leaped into the air, as little specks of free white fur, loosened, leftwards to explore the world. As the creature noticed her, the rabbit struck. Anything to ward off capture. Though he managed to keep on running further, the path was becoming shorter, the rabbit was unable to keep up. Carrying the white specks higher, the wind grew in momentum, flames following in pursuit, and barring the suffocating toxicity of blood and burning skin.


Deep in the South borders just past the Woodlands, a young woman with earth brown eyes and hair, captured a young bunny. How the cold touch of metal heightened the chances of
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frostbite, as she carried the cage over to the well built fireplace. Where the flames roared and hissed, growling at her, as she held her hands above it for warmth. Her mind played the future, as she began trying to thaw herself out, as her stomach prepared a small melody of gurgling noises, altering it was time for supper. She looked up from the dragon's breath, longingly staring at the small rabbit, circling the front and back of the cage, eager to find a way out.

Rabbit stew.

Most days the stew would last the entire week, only if rationed out correctly. But things were coming up short, recently. Calculating numbers that didn't put a smile on her face. Once she was thawed out, and her fingers felt no longer stiff, she exhaled a breath she didn't know she'd been holding onto, allowing it passtor as she closed her tired eyes. She was exhausted. And her bones were aching, hurting, as she wished for nothing but a nice, warm, bed. The bottom of her ears were covered with moisture. Clammy,
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salty, sweat, as the hours ticked on by. She'd promised everyone back at camp, she wouldn't return until she could satisfy them all, with full bellies. So far, she wasn't living up to her great promise.

As the dragon's breath hissed and growled one last time, her mind started. She hated the quiet, for it gave her time to think. These days, torment and suffering were the only two things she seemed to think about. Since the blood-thirsty monsters known as ''The Arrows'' slaughtered everyone in her village as a child, those long, peaceful nights weren't so peaceful anymore. Nothing seemed to bring anyone peace or joy anymore. Since the slaughter of her own parents, just six years ago, they'd forced her to grow up without them. She'd been able to rescue a few survivors, and build a protected base, but the desire to join her parents grew with every passing day. If she had only stayed a few seconds longer, maybe her wish couldn't have been granted. But then who'd take care of Elmon?

A gust
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of monstrous winds brushed past the freshly fallen leaves, as her hair, freely blew with it. She’d been only fifteen years old when hell commended the world. Now six years later and she's the commander of the remaining survivors of Earth?! In another lifetime she might've been honoured, but not now, not where she was. Not with this hell commanding, ordering the world.....

The arrows are not like any supernatural creature she'd read about, in books. They are so very different. The story behind the arrows is one not to many people know about, they weren't born human but possess human like features, such as flesh, muscle, skin, and hair, and just about anything you'd see on a regular man or woman. But a normal man or woman wouldn't be able to shoot elemental blasts of power from their fingertips! They possess magnificent abilities guaranteed to them by the gemstones embedded in their forehead. Over the many months, these stones have been studied. Each unique color represents on
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