Kickoff written by Pnut_butre

Among Us


Chapter 1

*a ship in space*

Doug- *wakes up* *realizes* oh no no no no no

Doug- where am I?

*he's in the middle of nowhere*

Doug- computer, where am I?

*computer offline*

*hears a bang on the top of the ship*

*Doug opens cams*

Doug- oh no…

*a creature is on top of the ship*

Doug’s thoughts- I got to have shurk spray

*the cabinet is empty*

*the monster on top of the ship (shurk) starts clawing at the ship*

*tries to start the ship*

*no fuel*

*a tiny hole appears in the roof*

*tink* *tink* *tink*

*Doug puts his astronaut helmet back on*


*the shurk comes through*

*Doug gets clawed*

*hes bleeding out*

*he opens the shutter door and goes out into space*

*he locks the ship*

Doug- my air… is… low.

*passes out*

*a ship appears above him*

Chapter 2

Doug- huh… uh god, where am I?

Fable- nope, you just need to lay back down.

Doug- where am I?

Fable- You’re on our ship, the Skeld… We save lost astronauts and help them, let them stay on the ship until
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we can find a planet to drop them off.

Doug- us?

Fable- I was the second to be found!

Doug- what happens when they don’t wanna stay on the ship

Fable- well they’ll stay here… no one wants to die.

Doug- well…

Fable- here step on this platform, it’ll scan your body.

*Doug steps on it*

Height: 3’1
Weight: 45lbs
Brain activity: normal
Color: ??

Doug- what does color mean?

Fable- oh yeah, you’ll just be known as… *types on the computer* White

Height: 3’1
Weight: 45lbs
Brain activity: normal
Color: white

Doug- okay??

Fable- it's how we tell people apart on the ship, since were all new to each other see…I’m Orange because my suits orange

Kylan- *peeks his head in the door* hey, get white in here we’re gonna have a meeting

Fable- oh, okay


Kylan- hello everyone, if you don't know we found another straggler, everyone meet, Doug

Alan- hi Doug I’m Yellow!

Pablo- yo, I’m Red.

Megan- hey, I’m Green!

Kylan- hi, I’m Pink.

Christa- hi, I’m Blue.

Sam- wassup, I’m Cyan!

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supp, I’m Brown!

Jude- sup man, I’m Lime.

(Alan - Yellow
Pablo - Red
Megan - Green
Kylan - Pink
Doug - White
Christa - Blue
Fable - Orange
Sam - Cyan
Quintin - Brown
And Jude - Lime
total of 10 players)

Pablo- and you already know Fable.

Fable- *waves*

Kylan- just to let you know, I am the captain of this ship… if you need anything ask me, and if not me ask Fable. Doug you already know but if something happens medically go see Fable, Sam and Megan are our engine guys, Jude is weapons, Christa, Pablo, and Quintin are electrical maintenance, and you will be given a job later!

Doug- okay, I’ll do anything just thank you for saving me.

Kylan- okay, now get some rest, we’ll see you in the morning.

Sam- hi, I’m Sam or you can just call me Cyan, I’ll show you where your dorm is, you’ll be sharing with Me, Pablo, and Megan.

Doug- can I take this bed?

Sam- yeah, it’s empty.


Sam- that’s the alarm for the engine, I’ll get Megan you just stay there *waves for Megan*

*Doug gets
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in bed*

*Sam and Megan go to the engine room*

*Megan scans her hand*

*Sam scans her hand*

Sam- you know who is getting on my nerves, Green?
Megan- who?

Sam- Fable… I’m sorry but he just thinks he knows everything, just because he has a degree

Megan- because he probably does… how could you say that, after how he’s helped everyone?

Sam- I just think he needs to calm down and let other people do some stuff

Robotic Voice- Engines Online.

Sam- I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the first to die

Megan- like I’ve told you before, there are no imposters on the ship

Sam- I still believe one of us is one of those doppelgänger monsters

Megan- I’m going to bed…

Sam- yeah, me too

*the next morning*

*Doug wakes up*

*Fable is putting a needle in his arm*

*His arm goes from dark red back to normal*

Doug- what are you doing?

Fable- oh, it’s nothing just, it’s prescribed

Doug- uh huh?

*on the intercom*

Kylan- Everyone to the cafeteria there will be a meeting
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