Kickoff written by swilson


A look in the phsychological thoughts of bullies.

The Secrets Behind The Masks We Wear

However there was a darkness hidden beneath all of the smiles and masks that near everyone wore. Secrets that no one thought to explore because what's the point? Their parents are rich and they put on the perfect mask to hide their darker intentions. In reality they got their thrills by tearing down others and watching them suffer in a sick and twisted way. If you dared to look into the past and uncover the secrets that they had so feebly hidden you would be surprised. Nothing happens without a reason and here? It was usually fueled by someone's bad intentions. What kind of things could a teenager possibly do that could cause so much damage? Well as we would later find out everything that you take for granted your family your friends your home everything could and would be used against you. And in the end everything you held close and everywhere you thought was your safe space would be corrupted. Corrupted by their lies by the poison they spread
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everywhere until finally you drowned in it. We get criticized for our looks, for our status, and we get blamed for sins that our parents committed. If you don't fit the standard of being their little puppet you're immediately put on a list for their next target. You might not notice at first because they will bring you in and make you part of their “inner circle” but they will torture you psychologicaly. They think it's fun to mess with your feelings and make you feel like someone actually cares but then they will push you away and make you feel like you're the one who did something wrong. Once they play this game they will move on to spreading rumors about you and you will deny it because these people are your friends right? Wrong. They are manipulators plain and simple. They like to mess with you and make you believe that you're important, when they're only doing it to satisfy whatever twisted thrill they crave.
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