Kickoff written by Purple


An MHA story


*this chapter is about Deku being on a male version of a women’s cycle called heat. It may contain cuss words, violence, and may be a little cringe (sorry). Everything in this chapter is also made up (except maybe a few things but for the most part yeah). Anyway this is my first story I'm actually publishing it so, enjoy😊


Everyone knew that women had to go through the process of hell every month. Cramp after cramp, pad after pad, it would never end (that is until a week went by). Men never understood these cycles and often said that women were dramatic. Well, all that changed when one guy had gone through the process of a cycle called heat. Instead of bleeding, he had just gotten bad cramps. But those were for normal guys, guys without quirks and had no chance of getting none, and this included for fifteen-year-old Deku. Deku had been quirkless his whole life and had no chance of getting a quirk. That is until he ate a long strand of All Might’s
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hair and gained the quirks that he has now. Even though he has a quirk now, he was still born without one so he still had to go through that process. Sadly, he was the only one in his school that went through this pain (knowing everyone had quirks since birth or early years) so he did his best to keep it a secret. Deku was special though. Since he had a quirk now he only went through it every three months. When he knew his heat was coming he always had an excuse to be gone that whole week. Eventually some started to question why he was gone for a week every three months, but still had no clue what was going on. One school morning while sitting in his chair behind Bakugo, he found himself mumbling about why he had early symptoms of his heat coming on. Was his schedule changing? Or maybe he got the date wrong? Whatever it was, he had been mumbling it for five minutes and it was pissing the hot head sitting in front of him off. “Oi” he shouted scaring most of the class including Deku. “can
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you shut up with all of your damn mumbling! It’s pissing me off!” Deku didn’t even notice that he had been mumbling loud enough for Bakugo to hear him and apologized intensely. Uraraka had also noticed that Deku was mumbling, but she was too busy talking to Tsu to notice how long he had been talking. After school in the cafeteria, Deku had started cramping more and more. he sat by a near table that was close to the exit door. Usually no one sat there so he was safe just in case he had to run out. As he started eating he felt more cramps going on. Holding his stomach and resting his head on the brown table he let out small quiet whimpers. His heat wasn’t supposed to cut on until two weeks from now (if he had done his calculations from the previous heats right) and he wasn’t supposed to start cramping until the third day. The green haired teen just sat there holding his stomach helplessly until he let out a loud groan that made Denki and Kirishima hear as they were walking past him. “you
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okay dude?” asked Kirishima. He had already suspected that something was wrong with Deku because he had been mumbling all day and now he’s sitting alone by a table no one eats at groaning at what it seemed like the floor. Deku looked up at Kirishima, not knowing what to say he started turning bright red. “I’m okay really! There’s nothing wrong, why would you think somethings wrong!?” “maybe because your groaning at the floor?” Deku didn’t know that Kirishima had heard him groaning and hid his face in his arms forgetting about his stomach. Kirishima told the teen that if he needed anything that him and Kaminari were there for him. Once they left, he held his stomach again and this time the cramps were harder and sharper. He felt like he was getting stabbed in the stomach and was dying, louder and louder his groans were getting until he fell on the floor with tears and couldn’t move. Momo and Ochaca had seen him fall and went to go help. By the time they made it over there, he
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