Kickoff written by sroser

Hide and Seek With A Deadly Twist

A action-packed mysterious romance novel for 12+

Kiara Hart

Hi. My name is Kiara, and I’m 16. I live on Blood Rose Island, named for its native poisonous roses. This is part of my story… our family’s story, the part where I found out my mom was alive… and more.

This morning, I woke up feeling melancholy and miserable. I had always felt that way, since age 4. You see, my mother disappeared when I was 4. The only thing I have left of her is the picture in my locket. As for my father, he works all the time. I literally almost never see him. At all. Growing up, my three older-by-a-minute siblings took care of me. Charlie, Alex, and Ari (short for Arianna) are a minute older than the other, Ari bIang the oldest. Charlie’s nex, then Alex, then me. I am the youngest, and by only 3 minutes!

On my way to school, I noticed that someone had followed me the whole time; 6 ½ miles of biking, along with a heavy, homework-filled backpack? Spare me!! Anyways, I made it to school, and here is what happened.

That same person that followed me into
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the school? She has been following me around the school all day, disguised as a teacher. I’ve watched YouTube videos on what to do when someone is following you, but she looks… familiar. She looks like my mom. At lunch, I ate alone. My best friend, Gene, wasn’t there. He was my only friend at school. So I ate alone. The woman noticed me. She must have finally gathered the courage to come up to me, so she did. She said, almost in a whisper, “Hello, mi pequeña niña. It’s been awhile.” My breath caught. A wave of shock hit me directly in the chest.

I managed to whisper in a strangled sort of way, “M-Mom? Is it really you?”

“It is me. I’m so sorry it took me so long to come back to you. The BRWPs kept me hostage for so long… I miss sunlight,” my mother exclaimed as quietly as she could. Another wave of shock hit me, but this time it mingled with pure, amazing joy. Try as I might, I couldn't keep the tears from flowing down my cheeks. She crouched down and I hugged her tight and just cried.
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My siblings heard me. Once they saw our mom, they ran into her warm embrace, and they never let go. Until the bell rang.
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