Kickoff written by lshap444

They'll be Calling My Name

A girl who has to become queen

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"Kandra Tell me a story." said the young Prince, as I hugged him close to my chest. I stared at the forever burning fire before I spoke. "This is the story of the Greatest Queen who's ever walked the earth. This Queen had Changed the world with magic burning in her veins. she was a rare woman that one. She was so powerful that she took over two realms at once." The little prince snuggled closer, then whispered "Awesome!" I chuckled. " Most people have forgotten her story, they say that her story was a lie and that it was much too boring to tell," I explained. "Well I don't think so." the prince said. "That's good, Shall I continue?" I said, pulling him even closer. "Yes Please," he whispered.
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Siren Endore Evereast
Mother told me to run and hide and never to look, but I couldn't stop watching. My eyes grew with shock from what I was watching. I wanted to go help her, but my legs were glued to the floorboards under the bed. I shivered then pulled my cousin towards me, he's all I have now. After what seemed like hours of hiding, we got out from under the bed. " I'll go find help. Stay here and dont make a sound." Simon said. "NO, please dont leave me," I said, hugging him tight from fear. "I have to," He said hugging me back. "I'll be back don't worry." Then he was out my bedroom door, gone. I heard a wet noise, He must have slipped on blood on his way out. I sat there looking at my parents laying there dead. The thing that killed them was so brutal, he had slit their throats ear to ear. They are never coming back. EVER. Tears began to spill from my eyes, I need to get out of here. I ran out the door. Then the smell hit me, it was not a normal smell, standing just a foot away
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with his back turned, the man walked to the other rooms. I froze out of fear. I turned around and ran. I ran as fast as I can, tears spilling from my face. I ran towards the village, even further than that. I found a small cage in the forest and stayed in it for the night. I sat there for what seemed like days, replaying the scene that had happened in my very bedroom. Once night hits, I cried myself to sleep... Things will never be the same again. Every day, for about three weeks I would go to the village and steal food off of farmer stands, meat from the Vals Meat store. I would dig through Rich peoples garbages. Until one day, a man caught me. I thought he was going to arrest me for the way he looked at me. Day by day he would follow me around. but today, I hide then snuck up on him and knocked him out then ran for the woods so that no one would notice that I was the one who did the deed.
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Simon Endore Evereast:She left.. she has left me. I lost my only family, my only sister, my best cousin. I should have waited when she told me to. I should have stayed by her side. I'm the worst cousin ever. I fell to my knees, wetting my breeches with blood as I cried. I wept till there were no more tears left to shed. "Oh Siren." I cried. My Siren was like a sister to me. She can't be dead, she must be alive. Se should be safe somewhere. Then I smelled the faint scent of fear and horror lingering in the halls, I saw the scene with my eyes. There was a man with his back turned, while Siren stood quietly in the hall in fear. Once the man entered another room she ran. She had left because of the man, the Murder. He had come to finish his unfinished business. I will find Siren, no matter what gets in my way. Hold on tight my little cousin. My Siren would never give up, and neither will I. I remember three years ago, she was four and I was seven. On the day of her Mothers birthday, My Aunt. She had asked Me.."Simon, why did they name me siren?" I replied looking from my book, " Because the day you were born, instead of crying like a normal baby, you laughed so beautifully that they were mesmerized. Siren, Ruller of the sea." Siren was skillful when it came to magic and combat. she was on a higher level than me. and I am one of the best. She was the rarest of the fae..
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    lshap444 inspired :

    I was inspired to write this series when I first read the series Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. It sparked many ideas into my head that I had to write down.



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