Kickoff written by Francys Wagner

On that night

A love that began in a pub

"I know you..." she says approaching the man sitting on one of the stools along the pub counter.
"You're wrong, we don't know each other...," he blurts out.
"I've seen you here other times..."
"That may be, but I've never seen you, okay?". He nudges her slightly as she's leaning into him, looking at him with eyes squeezed shut like a myopic's.
Somewhat off balance, she passes her arms across her body, striking an awkward pose, as she says in a slurred voice affected by high alcohol intake.
"My name is Barbara, but you can call me Barbie, you know, like the doll..." She winks at him.
"You don't even look like a Barbie..." he thinks and lets out a giggle.
He tries to ignore her and sips his drink, but she pats him on the back, insisting.
"Hey, hey ... aren't you going to tell me what your name is?"
"Sorry, but I'm not up for talking tonight, okay?"

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    Speakerflow inspired :

    She can't stop looking at his wrist. Wrapped around that glass, there are marks cutting up and down like the patterns on a map. Can I touch it, and his hand tightens on the glass. That's when she realises she spoke out loud. I think I should leave. No please don't. I just had a horrible day and I really need to be with someone.



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