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Falling in love with a YouTuber

This is a look into my life and how it changes.

Chapter 1

I never in my whole 33 years would have ever imagined that I would be living in Los Angeles, going to FIDM, the best school for Fashion in the United States, Living with my best friend, and just living the best life I could possibly be living.
I grew up south of LA, in a small town called Chula Vista. I did all of my schooling down there, even got a job after high school and worked my ass off to be able to go to my dream school.
Ever since I was younger my grandma and I would sew clothes for my dolls. My grandma was the best, she taught me how to hand sew my own clothes, she taught me how to cross stitch, and how to make quilts. My grandma was the best ever, she was and always will be my favorite person other than my mother. I miss her so much, she passed away a few years ago and life has not been the same ever since. Heck my life has never been easy, I almost didn't make it in to this life, both my mother and I didn't make it. I was a premature birth baby, and I had to stay
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in the hospital for almost a year. When I finally came home from the hospital my parents were so happy, my grandma's were both here to help my mother out once I got to come home from the hospital. When I was growing up going to school was never my favorite thing to do, but I had to do it, there was no way my mom was going to homeschool two kids, my older brother was always at school with me, we were not in the same classes but he was always there for me if I ever needed him.
That was a good thing but then when I got to high school it wasn't that great, everyone knew who my brother was and once I got there they all knew that I was his little sister and no one ever messed with me because they knew that if they ever tried they would have him to deal with. Once I finally finished high school I felt free I wasn't the little sister to the big tough brother anymore and no one ever messed with me, because why bother. Right after I graduated high school I decided that I needed to take a little
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break from school and in a way "find myself." So I told my mom that I was moving to LA and that she didn't need to worry about me anymore, which I knew she still would.


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When I think about LA I think about the life style, not just the partying part but the friends I hope to make and the experiences I hope to have, and maybe just maybe getting back in to the dating game.
I've never been that great in relationships, ever. I've never been great in friendships either but some how that always works out better for me than relationships.
I wish that I was lying about all this but I'm not. I have never known if a guy is just being nice to me just to get his way or if he is basically calling me a charity case. They would even go as far as to have their girlfriends say that they want to fight me even though they don't know me at all.
So I decided that this is going to be my time to change, I told my parents that I needed to move out and make a living for myself, when I told my mom this I didn't think she would ever stop crying, she is scared that I am going to fall in with the wrong crowd, get in to trouble but she needs to know that I am smarter than I look. I love my mother but she is such a helicopter parent sometimes.
When it comes to the friends I have here in LA compared to the ones I have in my home town such a world wind of differences between them all.
My friends back home are not the party type of people, they like to only social drink they aren't much for the big LA party scene but they know how to party in there own way.
So I told my best friend Melanie that when she comes up here she needs to come out with me so she came meet the very amazing people that I have made my friends.
She couldn't be more excited about coming up and seeing what life is like for me now that I have finally moved on with my life and have been feeling better about myself, she was around when I liked this one guy who was not good for me at
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