Kickoff written by seasonsofsproll


Seriously, do not read this.

This is the story that should never be repeated.
I was just a boy, who lived a simple life. I had a big brother who I loved. I had a father who ran a business, and it was all he thought about. Together, we would work the shop.
My brother and I would play a game. You lived in space. There was a monster that would try to eat you. We pretended we were the great astronauts that colonized the moon.
There was also a girl who I met. She had raven hair and was very beautiful. She was the girl of my dreams. We loved each other from the moment we laid eyes on each other, but my father did not approve. He sent her away. I vowed that I would find her again.
That night I dreamt I was on the moon. It was as if I was in the game my brother and I were so fond of. I found the girl on the moon but she did not know me. Then the monster came, large and lumbering. I ran and ran until I woke up. However, something was different. My father spited me, and it was because of a girl in my life. She had raven hair,
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and seemed familiar.
She told me we met before; I just didn’t remember. Suddenly the monster appeared. It was as horrible in life as it was in my dream. We ran and ran, but it always seems to catch up. She said the only way to stop it was for her to disappear. I disagreed. I told her I would find her again. She said I could find her in the moon. And so, I went.
It was a full place, with workers teeming in the terraformed gardens and the library was filled to the ceiling with the books Earth wanted no more. Shockingly enough, I found my love there. But she did not recognize me. The monster caught up and I was forced to flee. And then I woke up, and something was different.
A girl with raven hair approached me. I thought she seemed familiar. We went on an adventure. A monster appeared and chased us apart. We ran across the stars, rendezvousing whenever we could. Sometimes she would find me, and other times it was I who found her. We did not always know each other. And every time the monster
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caught up; I would wake again.
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