Kickoff written by zayeet

The Ideology

A kid unveiling the secrets of a digital dimension

Chapter 1
(This is part of the story! I'll be posting bits of it every so often)

The first thing that came to existence were the screams and gunshots in the air, all vibrating and making an earthquake of horrible catastrophic events that will lead to my fate. I opened my eyes, though, and saw people running away from hands in the air. Long, slender looking bugs with scorpion tails grabbed them and ate them with their long tentacle-like tongues. Explosions were everywhere, airplanes were dropping in and shooting the horrible beasts. a soldier with a cross on his shoulder hid behind a flipped over car and shot his gun at the bugs. The attempt was futile since the bullets simply bounced off of them. I quickly ducked as one of the bug's long legs swept in a low arch. The bug knocked aside the car the soldier was hiding behind. The soldier's face became pale as he looked at the bug's alien eyes. The bug wrapped the soldier with his tentacles, and chomped the man's body in half. His torso was
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tossed in the air and fell right beside me, bursting into millions of luminace pixels. I backed up in horror and tripped over a dismembered arm. My blood sank as I turned around and saw the virus staring straight at me. It almost seemed as if it smiled at my weakness. It ran towards me, lashing it's tentacles and wrapped wrapping them around me. I screamed in terror as I felt the slimy tongue wrapped around me and slowly suffocated me. I was about to pass out when a huge virus roared at the one that had me, and stuck his long leg in the virus's body. The huge beast roared at me and flung me in the air. I soared in the air for what felt like an eternity when I hit my head on the ground and rolled to a stop. I felt the whole world spinning around me as the my brain started to shut down, the question rising in my head on why I was here. Why I had to be chosen to free us from this sick game. That's when a blurry face appears above me, and a faint feminine voice says, “Lucas, Hang in there,
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