Follow up

Kickoff written by zayeet / Follow-up written by seasonsofsproll

The Ideology

A kid unveiling the secrets of a digital dimension

I pass out. I dream of home, my family, my life. Then I wake. I find myself in the home base, known as the HUB. I had died again, this time to the sick monstrosities in the war zone. I would never get used to dying. Dying in the game was like experiencing your worst fear in a nightmare, right before you wake up. I lost count of how many times I died by now, but each one was so vivid and real.
I rise from the bed I spawned in and leave the sick bay. I'm in an army base surrounded by soldiers. They are all running around and shouting. I guess I'm lucky to have made it to this checkpoint before having to respawn. Not everyone is so lucky.
I struggle to regain my recent memories. Memories are always foggy after one dies I struggle to remember
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the voice I heard right before I died. I had never heard that voice before, nor seen that face. It was very weird. I check to see what equpipment I have. Most of it I lost on the battlefield. I debated going back for it, but decided it wasn't worth it. I could always get new gear. The mysterious feminine voice would have to wait. There was a war to be won.
The Battle of Crimson City was the latest level in the newest online virtual game. Players from around the world flocked to it to fight the bugs, a nasty infestation that threatened to overrun the virtual world. The bugs were viruses, and the companies had put out bounties for those who could clear the most viruses. I suppose I was here to collect on that bounty.
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