Follow up

Kickoff written by zayeet / Follow-up written by TiredHuman

The Ideology

A kid unveiling the secrets of a digital dimension

Wearily, I pulled out the wires sticking my body before finally removing the heavy helmet that swallowed my head. As if on cue, a pounding headache started as I stumbled out of my old mattress. The worst part of virtual gaming are the sick spells that come right after—I always get dizzy & tired, though if I'm lucky I'll manage to keep my food down. I always, ALWAYS get an infernal headache though.

The old wooden floors creak. Not a surprise, since everything's chipped or broken or rotten through in our house. A blast of air slams through our window, undeterred by the flimsy scrap of cloth we hung over it trying to keep out the cold. We can't go on like this. The cold has only just begun and without electricity—or blankets for that matter—we'll
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be frozen solid in a couple months.

I peer into the pantry. We're out. Wonderful.

Carla looks over at me. She's way to thin for a three year old. Delicate bones stick out through her taught skin, her tattered clothing doing little to hide them. I sigh. When I look at my sister, it's impossible not to notice the water marks on the walls, the rotting window frames and gaping holes where glass should be. I can't help but count the rat holes I've had to board over, the leaking ceiling patches we've been unable to fix and the innumerable termites that eat our home from the inside.

I rake my fingers through my hair. I haven't been able to kill any virus this week on the game, and our food stamps have run out. What am I going to do?
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