Kickoff written by Tim

Boy and the Bear

lost in the forest

Somewhere there’s a cave in a white forest. Small prints cover ground through the trees from somewhere... searching. These prints lead to a boy. He is looking for the cave. He has mossy hair that clings to his head despite its burnt ends. He is naked. He waddles and his feet burn, but a wide smile imprints itself upon him despite the blisters beginning to form. He is weak and, having only learned to walk moments ago, falls often. Every once and a while the wind whistles down through the trees cutting at the boy’s skin. The prints turn red.
When enough time has passed the trees become sparse and green pokes through the white. The boy shivers, but not from the cold. He sees the cave and it towers above him far larger than he remembers it. He peers inside and it peers back. The opening is covered in thick black darkness, which is not penetrated by the soft light in the white forest. Suddenly black turns to grey, then to a dark rich tan, the color of untouched earth. It moves forward out of
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the unknown, teeth the same shade as the boy’s prints. Eyes the same shade as the once untouched cave. Hair and branches and moss cover him. He too makes prints, paws sinking into the earth. As he walks the whole world shakes and the boy loses his footing falling back to his hands and knees.
When the boy looks up he feels thick hot air on his face and cold black eyes bearing into his. “You are alone?” the boy nods mutely in response. The wind blows again, cutting the boy once more. A large paw reaches up and whips the blood from his face. “The wind will take you if you stay here. But I will take you as well, if you choose to move forward,” the creature pauses, looking down at the boy, the blood on his teeth dripping onto the child’s face, “but either way you will die”

The boy shivers once more.

And then, without warning, the untouched earth turns to grey and grey fades to black and the boy is left staring at the same unwavering darkness that first confronted him only moments ago. The
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boy whips the blood from his face and runs after the creature…
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