Kickoff written by ali

mans first love

how we know love

Once upon a time, a shy boy was born, bringing immense joy to his family and neighbours . Little did they know, the boy grew up facing challenges with communication. However, even when he couldn't speak much, a divine system ensured he received help, guiding him through his early years. By the age of two, the boy began to talk properly, finding solace and comfort in his mother's presence. She was his world, his source of peace and security. He felt incomplete without her, deeply affected by her occasional scolding. This connection solidified the boy's understanding of love, its purity, value, and trust. He saw his mother as his guardian, entrusted by a benevolent God to nurture him and guide his emotional development.

However, the story also suggests a crucial missing piece in his upbringing: learning to respect women. While the love and care from his mother were invaluable, the narrative implies he might not have received guidance on respecting women specifically.
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While the question of whether he learned it from his father remains unanswered, the story leaves this aspect open for exploration.

This is just the beginning of the boy's journey. Remember, the tale isn't finished yet, and there's much more to uncover.

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