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Hold my hands

Submission 2 - Boy's Introduction

Starting a new school year is always exciting, but this year feels like a whole new world just waiting to be explored, like a video game with levels to conquer, each offering the chance to showcase courage, strength, and kindness. I'm determined to make the most of this opportunity; my story is pretty sweet, and girls fall for me. Watching their crushes crumble and acting innocent makes it all the sweeter. I live by taking what I want and leaving the rest behind, but no one knows. I might have had a momentary crush but quickly shrugged it off; romance is for fools. My focus is solely on myself, and today, I want to keep track of everything; each girl I play with, where it all began, how I became so perfect, and of course, how to earn that scholarship. Maybe, I'll throw in a tragic backstory and talk about how black lives matter, and they'll offer me a spot out of pity. But for now, I'll enjoy playing with the girl before me.

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