Kickoff written by Aether._.doesStuff

The woods

Don't stop running

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Old Glass broke under your shoes as you ran making a horrible cracking sound. The woods were full of old bottles and porcelain that were fun to collect, you would see which sibling could find the Best Thing. You were the raining champ with a rusty bottle of denture cream displayed proudly on your shelf. But right now you hatted these woods you wanted to leave them as soon as possible. Your legs stung from running as you were never an athletic person, always skipping gym class, you regret that now. The grown-ups always said not to be here when it got dark. They always said to be home at sunset or you would be punished.
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You thought they were just being silly, it's a small town everyone knows everyone, what could be so dangerous? They let you go to the park at night so why not the woods right down the street? They let you walk the train tracks at night so why not the train tracks through the woods at night? They let you run around town with homemade contraptions of all kinds at night so why not the woods where you wouldn't disturb the neighbors? All your questions were answered tonight and you never expected the answer. You thought you were going to pass out due to the running but you couldn't stop, you knew that thing was still behind you.
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You shook your head to clear it. You made it down the glass hill your almost safe. The creek was only a short run away, you just need to jump it and go up the tunnel. hell, you could even skip the tunnel and climb that weird lady's fence. Your sure she's sleeping anyway, she would never know.
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You see the creek. You're so close you can almost smell the water. Creeks always smelled funny to you, like fish tanks and cold...if cold has a smell. Your shoe smacks down on the concrete that lines the creek and tunnel. All you have to do is jump and your technically out of the woods!

A growl-

Everything goes dark-

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