Kickoff written by Mohamed

The mutant of the sewers

A small rat mutates into a mighty beast

In a city full of laps in 2050 it was the start of gene modification when a group of illegal scientists throw their gene expeirments garbage in sewers a rat exposed to them and mutated into a beast 7 ft tall and a muscular body like a train carriyng huge truck he could see any rat in mile area.........a body like wearing torn coat............a scream that can break glass and destroy weapons...........and a super strength,with all that he was attacking any lap that harm animals like those who turned him into that beast with no mercy. Rumers said that he was a beast that hunted the sewers. after a while of killing scientists, destroying laps and saving thousands of rats , scientists kept it as a secret to reassure people...they started to search for him and as long as they enter the sewers they would be anounced missing.Till one day a man went to search for his family member that unfortunately was a scientist declared missing  searching for the beast he found him surprisingly he didn't get
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scared but got shocked and the beast didn't kill him....instead he said don't be scared i'm not harming you i only harm who harm those who harm you aren't a beast as they say.(the man asked)...i am searching for my lost cousin(the man said) i am sorry but he was illegally doing expirments on animals(the beast said) the man cried,how would i help in this crisis,alot of scientists died,the beast answerd i didn't want these powers i just wanted to be a normal rar living with my family...and since rats transfer diseases, you too kill thousands of rats . The man said ..i can help you and they went together to a safe lap.(the man succeded and returned him into a normal rat...laps stopped doing expirments to prevent accidents like this to happen again and those illegal scientists got arrested.)      

(Animals got souls too)
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