Kickoff written by jaycee04

THE TOWƎЯ (part 10)

Every small town hides a secret...

Christopher’s body tensed, and his mouth grew dry. “We need to go home, now.” He looked to the left road then to the one on the right. He pointed to it, turning to Luke. “If we go down Dougal Road, we’ll cut right through and it will lead us straight home. This way is faster, then going back the way we came.”

Luke was silent, but nodded his head.

Christopher looked back at the tower one last time, before grabbing Luke’s hand. They made a right, disappearing into the trees that surrounded the road. Christopher kept Luke close to him.

The two boys sped-walk down the road where the backs of homes perched on the top of stubby hills that sat even further from the road, barely visible because of the trees that rose high into the sky forming a canopy. Leaves piled at the side of the empty road and a full moon that glimmered above the trees, guided them to safety.

Luke and Christopher traveled silently for a while, not speaking a word to each other, occupied by the thoughts that engulfed
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them. Their bodies both tensed up at every sound.

Walking fast, Luke clutched his “hover-board” tightly, repeating to himself, time after time that the noises were critters that prowled the forest floor. At least thats what he hoped they were.

Christopher’s head swerved left and right with his eyes darting every other minute. A sickish feeling rooted itself inside him. He felt ill but didn’t have a headache.He felt a deep sense of hopelessness, but knew he wasn’t in the wrong. But he doubted himself.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Christopher questioned, finally breaking the strained silence to expel that feeling from his mind.

In the distance, a low rumbling came from headlights that made a left onto the road they were on.

Luke watched the headlights ahead of him, as Christopher guided him to the right of the road. He breathed shallowly, “I didn’t think you would b-believe me, I didn’t think anyone would…No-body seems to really care that R-Rue’s gone… L-like she’s been…”
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The words seemed stuck in his throat.

“Forgotten” Christopher muttered, his chin began trembling. He seemed overwhelmed with a realization, but quickly shook it off, “Listen. She’s going to be found…One way or the other.” He glanced ahead at the lights, pulling his brother down the street.

“Is she?” Luke paused, questioning, his voice brittle and hollow.

The headlights ahead of them moving slowly began to take the shape of a car, as it approached to the left of the boys.

Christopher’s senses were heightened as he pondered over Luke’s words. The car drew closer to them… The darkness revealed a blood-red, four-door sedan. It slowly passed.

Luke eyed the car, but turned again to look up ahead.

Christopher was still thinking deeply over everything that had happened…The tower, Rue, and the figure he thought he saw standing in-between the trees…

The sedan behind them, pulled back to the right side of the road, the side Luke and Christopher walked on…The red glow from the brake
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lights flooded their backs, as the car slowly came to a halt. Luke’s fragile hand trembled in Christophers.

He jerked his head up, realizing that the car had stopped just beyond them. Christopher wanted to look back but didn’t want to startle Luke or draw attention…He had the impression that someone was watching him and Luke. They continued walking, a bit faster now. Again, Luke’s hand trembled in Christopher’s hand. Then, the sound of car doors swiftly opening from behind them. Christopher’s eyes froze open, his body tightened up once more and he looked down to Luke. Luke’s head was rigid, staring back gravely at the car. His face had an intense red glow to it but Christopher could see that the remaining color was from his face, had drained.

Christopher turned around to face the back of the car… Both car doors were wide open, and the lights inside were shut off. The red glow from the brake lights emanated on-to the boy’s pale faces.
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