Kickoff written by Zycoptl

Two Hundred and Eighty

A 280 foot young woman.

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The ground just shook and trembled as Tamara Sherring walked, there I was on her left shoulder only 1.5 inches tall to her. Yes Tamara Sherring is a Giant and she is 280 feet tall. Tamara had on her beige tight shirt and she had on her skin tight soft jeggings. Tamara was heading towards my acreage which was at least a few miles from a town and 30m miles from the nearest city. As Tamara neared my acreage, I could seen my house and the other farm buildings down below. Tamara stepped over the trees I had there for wind break. I stood up there on her left shoulder and saw my house, from the height I was at the house was so small. Tamara took a step and she was about to sit down when she heard a car horn. Looking down Tamara saw a red convertible car pull up in the driveway, it was our friend Shannon. Tamara took a step towards the small red car and her right foot landed next to her car. Tamara squatted down and she grabbed the car and she picked it up with her right hand
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and she stood up. Tamara then put the small red car into her left palm and she let it rest there. As I looked at the small red convertible car there in her left palm, the car was so small there. Shannon got out and she walked in front of her car.
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