Kickoff written by Swetha Kallaganad

Who did it?

He was lying dead with no clues

Mr. Roy walked inside the gate towards the door crossing the green lawn with pavement decoration of pebbles and flowering plants such as pansy and oleander. He makes his move towards the body of Mr. David lying on an expensive embroidered carpet in a study room. He was flabbergasted to see there was no forced entry; there was no one else in the home except for the victim with just one coffee mug and a novel half lying on the table.
The preliminary death investigation began. Evidences seemed to have magically disappeared regardless of intense search. All the family members which included his Mother, Sister, Son and People who visited the man that day were interrogated which led to no conclusion of any kind.
Mr. Roy was now patiently looking forward to one last ray of hope, the autopsy which disappointed him as it mentioned the cause of death being cardiac arrest.
Mr. Roy was running over different scenarios in his mind that could have been the reason for the death. The Room was searched
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for suspicious fingerprints and other clues but aghast! None to be found.
Mr. Roy was prisoned in the jail of thoughts wondering the reason and drives to victim’s house. To his astonishment he could find a book missing on the shelf. The book had called for his attention because it did not seem to match the choice of the victim who was a Professor. For he knew that someone had made their way to the room. He decided to dig deeper in the videos and was thunderstruck to know there was a lady who had come to his room two days before the murder but no one in the family knew of it. Surprisingly her entry at the Gate was also missing. To find her was like looking needle in the haystack.
He then finds out that she was not related to any of victim’s relatives. What surprised Mr. Roy more than anything was she was at the victim’s house for almost 20 long minutes while the victim wasn’t home the whole time. While she is leaving, she greets the victim with smile. This made Mr. Roy suspect the family
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member as he seemed someone who was known to the victim. Mr. Roy was running in a maze of clueless murder. He is brought back to the reality when his phone rings and he is called to the site to investigate. He is baffled to see the same lady lying dead in the middle of the road and it seemed to be an accident but Mr. Roy was now sure that both the murders have connection as he now knew she was the one who was used as armament for the murder.
Mr. Roy investigates further on the lady’s background and finds out that she was his daughter. Her emergency contact dragged Mr. Roy to a man aged somewhere between fifty to fifty-five years. He was his maternal uncle and his eyes were filled with tears watching her being shifted to ambulance. With a hint of suspicion Mr. Roy started finding his background and noticed that he was Professor’s old college classmate and he was always had grudge on Professor for having received an academic award for his efforts. He was upset on Professor for having cheated
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on his sister. Unknowingly he dragged his niece in the dungeon of hatred and ego to find himself in a bleaker and more deserted situation.
Mr. Roy was taken aback when he was made aware that the Victim was killed with a weapon in his house. He recalled those beautiful oleander flowers in the garden which was used to poison the victim where the suspect could not be caught because the same oleander was used to decorate victim’s table by the lady as she was recently appointed by the victim as his regular housekeeping had left the job. She had ingested the powder of Oleander to the victim in slow doses but today a little higher which she had carried in that book. Oleander if used in prescribed format works as drug to cure ailments otherwise is a lethal drug. The maternal uncle got free from the charges but he was imprisoned in the life-time loneliness and guilt.
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