Kickoff written by Pavan747

The Ghastly Guest House

A guest house with haunted aura

Four friends chalk out a plan for a picnic on holiday and encounter an unprecedented incident in their lives. It was a pleasant Sunday morning when all the four-step out of their homes to enjoy the beauty of nature. After a grueling journey, they plan to languid in some guest house as the dusk had set in and find a decent one at last. One of the friends, Rocky becomes rambunctious on seeing the guest house and insists on a midnight sojourn so that they could invigorate themselves and head on for a journey in the dawn. The moment they enter the house, the receptionist gives a warm welcome with a broad smile and registers their names. But Alex, who is a brother of Rocky, gives a dubious stare at the receptionist as he finds her gestures weird and portent. Joseph and Glenn stay in one room while Alex and Rocky stay in the other room. They all gather for a dinner at 9.30 pm and after larruping good meal adjourn for a small walk till they fall asleep. Accordingly, they step out of the guest
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house having a chit-chat with each other. In course of time during their walk, they encounter an old man who admonishes them explicitly to check out of the guest house as early as possible as that is not a conducive place to reside. But the four youngsters mock and laugh at him considering his statements ludicrous and futile. To the surprise of Alex, he sees the receptionist moving towards the dense forest and then disappearing suddenly. At one point in time, he’s dumbfounded to witness her following them but again consoles himself by thinking that it might be just his imagination. After some time they return to the guest house in a cheerful mood and check into their respective rooms to retire for the day. Glenn motions to the kitchen at 11.30 pm to have a glass of water to quench his thirst and then motions to the reception counter to inform the receptionist about the shortage of drinking water. But failing to locate her anywhere near the counter, he approaches his room, and the moment
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he opens the door gets astounded to see Joseph's head hung from the ceiling fan. Buckling under fear, Glenn immediately rushes Alex's room to intimate the same but finds Rocky dead there. Now Alex and Glenn decide to rescue from the house leaving aside a few changes of clothes and other accessories. The apparition of a witch (receptionist) with protruded eyes and burnt ears tumble these two down the stairs. An old man who stands outside the guest house comes to their rescue inside and signals them to set the house on fire before the clock strikes 12. In the meanwhile, the old man plots a machination to kill her but he is put to death himself by that vampire. Finally, Alex finds a lighter and inkles Glenn to jump out of the house to set it on fire for putting the witch to death forever. Conflagration spreads across the wooden building and both of them come out all in one piece. The same night they pack their luggage and head on to their home by car.
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