Follow up

Kickoff written by Rachel / Follow-up written by jennahart

Sorry not sorry

Everybody makes mistakes that we will never forget

I thought about it for a second, it would be a good way to practice acting, but I don't know this guy. I ran through the pros and cons in my head, acting practice, he's cute, I don't know him, and who knows what kind of trouble he could get me into?

Thoughts of my professor filled my head, I can't act? Wanna bet?

"Okay." I looked up at him and his eyebrows raised slightly and then a smirk found its way to his face.

I took him in, his dark curly hair and green eyes said trouble, but I'm up for a challenge.
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"I don't think we've properly met," He stuck out his hand, "Liam."

"Scarlet," I shook his hand, making sure it was a firm handshake. As our hands touched it was like warmth spread up my arm and I felt that I might be getting myself into something I shouldn't be.

"Well, let's go then." Liam started walking to the door.

"Now?" I asked, worried about what was about to happen. "I don't know anything about you! And I'm not a cheater!"

"I guess you're gonna have to pay attention then." He walked out of my apartment.
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