Kickoff written by Rachel

Sorry not sorry

Everybody makes mistakes that we will never forget

Scarlet's tears started to fall. She is staring at a couple happily eating at a restaurant. She started to walking toward them.

"W-who is she? Y-you said you cannot come to my apartment because you're too busy." She cannot stop her voice from trembling.

The couple looked at her with a shocked expression. The guy opened his mouth and close it again as if he changed his mind. His forehead wrinkled and she was sure that he is thinking fast. Maybe he is thinking of a way out? She doesn't care anymore.

"You were so happy yesterday when I told you that I was pregnant and now this?" Scarlet said before the guy can think of somethink to say.

She saw when his expression changed from confusion to anger. She noticed that the woman is quietly watching the scene with a blank expression.

"How could you?!" Scarlet's tears wont stop. She turned around to escape them. She almost hit the door because her vision is blurry. Fortunately, there's a waiter who quickly opened it for her. She thanked him
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silently and ran as fast as she can.

She was gasping when she reached the car.

"What happened?" Cory asked.

She laughed then started wiping her tears.

"You should have seen their faces."

"Poor couple. You're really crazy! You know that right?" Cory knows what she will do inside the restaurant and doesn't want to get involve that's why she went alone. "I shouldn't have agreed to drive you here."

Cory started the car and reminded her to fasten her seatbelt. Sometimes, Cory is worse than her mom.

"If only Prof Smith saw it, he wouldn't tell me I can't act." She said smugly. That stupid professor keeps on telling her that no one will believe her acting. She is starting to believed him but before quitting she thought of a crazy idea. She wanted to check if he is right. Apparently, from all the pitying faves a while ago, he is wrong.

Scarlet excitedly detailed what happened when she noticed someone walking toward the car.

Her heart started beating wildly when she recognizes
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the guy.

"Cory! What are you doing?! Why are we still in this parking lot? Hurry! Get us out of here!" She said with a hushed voice.

She didn't want to confront the guy. He looks intimidating now. She has no idea why she didn't stutter in his presence. Why didn't she think of the consequences of her idea?! She doesn't want to die or go to jail. He can't sue her can he?

Her best friend just giggled. She actually giggled while she was having a meltdown! "I saw when the hot guy went out of the door. I want to see him closer. Just wait for a sec."

"No!" She will walk if she have to. The guy shouldn't see her. "Let's go Cory. That's the guy! We need to move."

She tried to lower herself in the car when she noticed that he looked sideways. She is positive that he is looking for her judging from his expression.

"Scar!! You tried your acting skills with that guy?"

"Yes, now go! Before he catches us." She tried to lower herself more if that is possible.

"I shouldn't have let you
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do your crazy plan." Cory muttered.

"Don't worry too much. It's fun and I proved to myself that I can act. The mission is a success."

"The mission is not yet finished. The guy saw you." Cory said grumpily and drove faster. They made sure that they loose the guy before Cory dropped her in her apartment.

She looked at her door and wished that the person who is knocking would give up and go away. After a couple of minutes, she sighed and went up her yoga mat. She didn't bother changing her attire. "I'm busy go aw.." she immediately closed the door. "I would sleep here if I need to. I won't go until I got what I came here." said the husky voice outside her door.

She closed her eyes and breathe. She can do this. She made this mess and she can get out of it.

A huge guy immediately went inside her apartment when she opened the door.

She can almost feel it in her skin when the guys eyes travels from her head to foot and back again.

"You are not pregnant I assume." It is not a question.
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