Follow up

Kickoff written by Ashmlin11 / Follow-up written by fefedove

Bottomless pit

He is trapped. Will he get out?

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I should've known better than to do that. As the saying goes, "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." Well, I'm pretty sure nothing will bring me back anymore.

The process of falling had happened too fast. One moment I was poking around the clearing, the next I was in a jumbled mess of bruised limbs, in the bottom of this pit.

"Nice going," I said out loud. My own voice freaked me out. I hadn't said anything ever since I decided to stop screaming for help. And now my voice was raspy and rough from disuse, much deeper than usual.

But in the midst of my dramatic monologue, I heard something else.


At first I thought I'm hallucinating. I must be. How can there be footsteps, coming from deeper inside the
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pit? But it got louder, until they're too, too close to me. My curiosity was piqued again.

I should've learned my lesson. But since I'm already down here, what more could go wrong? It sounded right. I was easily persuaded by the small voice inside my head. So I got on my knees and crawled towards the source of the sound.

The pit was slanted downwards and there was no way to see where it ended. And I had no clue how I didn't notice this was a seemingly bottomless pit.

After what felt like hours, I sat onto my haunches to rest. Massaging my thighs, I looked back at the direction where I came from.


And in the darkness was a pair of red eyes.
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