Kickoff written by Ashmlin11

Bottomless pit

He is trapped. Will he get out?

The fall didn't hurt, but the landing sure did. It must have been twenty feet. Maybe thirty. My ankles hurt. They weren't broken, I thought. Probably just sprained. I could move them but not enough to walk on. It was dark down here. And humid. Maybe there was water close by? I didn't hear any running water, but perhaps there was a lake? Even a puddle would be okay. I just had to find it, and with no light, or feet to walk on, that was going to be tough.
Food would be nice too. I didn't know how long I had been there. I couldn't see much light. The hole I fell through was angled steeply. It was more like a tunnel, or a burrow than a hole.
That got my imagination running. What if this was a trap set by some huge man eating mole? Or rat? What if, at any moment this monster would come out of the darkness and start tearing at me, eating me alive? My organs would be spread out on the floor like jelly on toast. My head would be smashed by powerful jaws.
I shuddered. That was enough of that.
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I fell in, I screamed for help until my throat was numb. Nobody came. One cycle of light had passed through the narrow opening of the hole. I assumed that meant one day had passed. Maybe it didn't, who knows. I just wanted to be home.
My wife was probably wondering where I was. She would be angry that I missed dinner. She would think the worst. First it would be, "He stayed late for work again". Then it would be, "He must be having an affair". But after about twenty-four hours she would send the kids to her parents house and start taking on the wine. She would drink until she passed out, drowning in her thoughts. "He said he loved me" and "How could he do this to his family" would be just a few things she would think. Then after a few days, the worry would set in. She would call the police and tell them I have never been gone this long, and something must be wrong. They will look for me, but I doubt they will find me. Unless another adventurous soul decides to walk their happy butt through
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this wood, I will die down here.
It was stupid, too. I was just in the mood to be with nature again. Sometimes, after a long day at work, I needed a recharge before I went home and had to put on my "family man" hat. Some people do it with co-workers at the bar, but I do it with nature. I was on my usual trail when I saw a clearing that I hadn't seen before. It was barely noticeable. Curiosity got the best of me and I followed it.
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