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Kickoff written by Dakota McElhinny / Follow-up written by Borough

The Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookies Never Lie

He ran blindly until his lungs gave up. He stopped. Crystal. He should call Crystal to warn her. He searched his pockets for the phone. Instead he found another fortune cookie with another message. He opened the paper: You're in danger. They're waiting for you. You can't leave.
Did that woman put it there? Tony braced. So be it. Let’s dance.
Crystal ran to him as soon as he re-entered the Dragon Palace.
“Tony! Where did you go?”
“I needed some fresh air”
“Guess what, I just overheard McMillan telling the restaurant manager that the company is going to send you on a business trip right after the promotion and--"
"What?! Why would he tell the manager something like that? ”
“Well, I don't know. Anyway, they will send you to some place
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called Grimrock to--“
“To Grimrock?”
The town all of his cleanly-shaved, shirt-pressed colleagues dreaded. The place where the white-collars had to go underground and do the job themselves. The company's taboo.
Whoever returned from there had to undergo recovery. Doctors would describe their condition as a "severe emotional turmoil".
The company would pay all the medical bills, all the associated costs. Because they amounted to a speck of what was underground Grimrock. And now it was Tony’s turn? Yes, Redd was right, tonight it was all about Tony. It was either the promotion and Grimrock or--
“Or I call some very bad people to return me some pretty very huge favors ? What’s your call?”.
Tony startled as McMillan's voice finished his own thoughts.
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