Follow up

Kickoff written by Dakota McElhinny / Follow-up written by fefedove

The Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookies Never Lie

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"Tony, where are you going? Tony? Tony!" Crystal called after him and he was vaguely aware of the confused voices that followed after.

He might've made an excuse, maybe something about his grandmother or the stove. He didn't remember and it didn't matter. All he could see as he stumbled out was the stark warning on the fortune cookie. His sudden paranoia was suffocating.

Tony struggled to push open the restaurant door. He almost toppled over when it finally gave. But someone was there to catch him.

He stared at the woman who pulled him back onto his feet. She was petite with black hair, black eyes, wearing the all-black attire of the restaurant staff.

"T-thank you," Tony mumbled. He made for the door again. But the woman placed a firm
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hand on his clumsy fingers, stopping him. "What are you doing?" he whispered, peering fearfully at her dark eyes. They flashed, turning into the manager's eyes for a second before returning.

He was nothing. Merely a white collar worker, receiving the first major promotion of his career. Why was this happening to him?

The woman leaned in close, bringing her lips to the shell of his ear. Her breath was cold when she spoke. "You're in danger. They're waiting for you. You can't leave."

Tony pushed the woman away, threw the door open and began to run.
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