Kickoff written by Dakota McElhinny

The Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookies Never Lie

Tony grew angry. He sat in the back of his limousine, waiting for the light to change. Tonight was the dinner meeting, it was Tony's night and nothing was going to interfere with his promotion.

"Calm down, Tony," said the eloquent woman. Staring at him crossly, she became more and more irritated with his behavior.

"This is a make or break moment, Crystal," Tony shot back.

She laughed snottily and replied, "Oh, Tony, everything is always a make or break moment for you, just be calm."

Attempting to relax, Tony sat back quietly.
Chinese. His mind went to the delicious meal he would dine upon at the Dragon Palace. At
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the thought of tender duck lathered in butter and seasonings, his mouth began to salivate; he could even taste the grains of white rice drenched in red sauce.

Tony was brought away from his thoughts, as the limo driver spoke sternly, "Sir, we are pulling into the parking lot."

"What? Oh, good, good," Tony said, as he sat up straight like a giddy child on Christmas morning.

Tony and Crystal were escorted from the vehicle by Dragon Palace employees. Crystal wore a white dress gown embedded with specks of diamonds, her blonde hair sat up in a bun, and her glossy emerald eyes scanned the crowded room as she smirked delightfully.
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Tony followed his wife, as he re-arranged his suit jacket and combed back his thinning blonde hair.

"Tony, Crystal, it's always a pleasure to see you! You look stunning tonight, Crystal," shouted Tony's boss, Mr. Redd McMillan, from across the room.

"Oh, Redd, you're always so flattering," Crystal responded, as her face reddened with a slight blush.

With a generous smile, Tony reached Crystal's side and spoke, "Mr. McMillan, thank you for inviting us here tonight."

"My dear boy, you are going to be promoted! Tonight it is all about you," Redd McMillan replied, with a slobbering, drunk grin.

The party moved to the
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table and feasted on the bountiful orders of greasy, margarine duck, over-cooked, spicy chicken, crispy vegetable egg rolls, and broth filled soups. The party was lively, everyone enjoyed each other's company, but the food upset Tony's stomach and he left the table momentarily.

"Hurry back, Tony! The fortune cookies will be brought out soon!" shouted Mr. McMillan with a snort, as he filled his hefty mouth with more rice.

After several minutes, Tony did return and found the fortune cookies being passed out. Tony picked up the closest one and it read: You are in danger. Speak to no one and leave now.
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