Follow up

Kickoff written by Dakota McElhinny / Follow-up written by WillMorgan

Clash in the Boreal

The Story of Thurl and Julius

Julius went low. He dove towards Thurl at the last moment and pitched the end of the spear into the ground.

'The bigger they are, the harder the fall.'

The words rang through his head as he watched the giant make a vain attempt at stopping and changing course. His sheer bulk, the weight of his armour and the swinging sword all carried him forwards at an unstoppable pace. Julius rolled smoothly left as the giant scrambled right. In one swift movement, he drew his dagger from the scabbard across his hip and slashes at the open space of flesh between the armour plates that covered the giant's leg.

He yowled and stumbled, leaving a trail of hot arterial spray in his wake. He clattered to a knee and threw his mighty hands to his wound, cursing
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the tiny man. Julius smiled and returned to his spear, pulling it from the ground with a strong jerk.

'That looks deep,' He said wistfully, pacing towards the giant.

'You filthy human mongrel! Where is your honour? Where is your pride in battle?' He swore, reaching for his sword.

As his fingers closed about the hilt, the tip of the spear drove down through the back of his hand, pinning it to the ground.

'All is fair in war.' Julius smirked, looking down on the fallen enemy. A pang of conscience rose in him before ebbing away. If the roles were reversed, he'd be shown no mercy.

He reached down and picked up the great sword with a huff. It was heavy and razor sharp. He smirked, 'Now then, I believe I promised that I'd take your head.'
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