Kickoff written by Dakota McElhinny

Clash in the Boreal

The Story of Thurl and Julius

As a golden emblem, the sun lay high in the sapphire sky. Vapors of steam rose from the mounds of snow about, while whispering hisses emerged from the crackling ivory ground. If any man dared to stare long enough, he would have gone blind, for the sun glistened upon the snowy earth quite brightly. Yet within the frozen, melting snow, there ran a red river.

On the frozen tundra lay a stretch of motionless men covered in blood stained armor. The giants from the north, with their fair blonde hair, had battled against the men of King Abhor, whose kingdom lied far to the east.

Two forms could still be seen moving amongst
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the slain, and one was a giant. The giant stood tall with his firmly carved arms, sculptured like legs, and bulky, mead-full belly. His leather armor had been beaten and torn from the rigid battle, his golden locks intertwined with blood of his brethren and enemies, but his adversary still stood.

The last of the king's men from the east gazed at the giant, but he did not fear the him. Much shorter than the giant, the king's man slunk about his enemy, while keeping watch at the giant's every move. With his raven black hair tied back, his dark eyes stood out as two opal gems,
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but in his hand he held a spear, for his sword's blade had broken off in an enemy warrior.

"Come, my enemy," bantered the giant, "speak your name, so that I, Thurl the Great, may tell my brothers back in the Halls of Vargarian!"

The soldier from the east grinned back and spoke, "They call me Julius, and I am an heir to the throne in the east, which my brother, Abhor, sits on. But you, Great Thurl, will not be speaking my name within the Halls of Vargarian, but within the depths of Hell."

Thurl gave a thunderous, bellowing laugh and taunted back, "You speak mighty high for a short man."

"Not shorter than you,
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when I cleave your head from your wasteful body," Julius spat back. His grasp tightened on the spear, he knew the giant would charge now, but he also knew, he needed a more powerful weapon than his petty spear.

With a low growl, Thurl began to creep forward, step by step. Julius closed his eyes and whispered softly to himself. With a roar, the giant charged with sword in hand, but Julius was prepared, he already knew his plan, and it was time to put it into effect.
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