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Kickoff written by GlitchedSalvation / Follow-up written by TiredHuman

Running Away

Feeling caged, young Clover leaves their home.

Stumbling through the underbrush, they found an old dirt path that beat its way through the forest. Clover smiled. A road!

A road meant people.

Maybe they would find the kids that used to play outside their window all the time, always just out of reach. Their laughter used to echo in Clover's dark room, stifled behind the brick and mortar. They almost seemed to shine, bursting with all the life that Clover had long since left behind.

Clover stepped forward and winced as pain shot up their leg. They remembered the heavy sound of a hammer on their ankle, the sick snap that followed. The finality of a bolt sliding home on their heavy door, and the crushing despair that followed.
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No room to breathe. To LIVE. The walls bore down on them, threatening to turn them to dust beneath them. 'Then you'll never be able to leave,' they seemed to whisper.

Clover took in a shuddering breath. That was no more. They had left that damned lock door far behind them. And Amelie... Amelie wouldn't come after them anymore.

Still, even now, the word weighed on their head. Murder. What does it take to push someone to the brink?

They gritted their teeth as their leg flared up again, burning as they trudged onward. The dirt path came closer, breaking up the monotony of the forest. A slice of light between the shadowy green. Clover leaned forward.

And they fell into the beaten path. They looked up at the sun. Beautiful. They closed their eyes, and heard the sound of an old door swing open.
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