Kickoff written by GlitchedSalvation

Running Away

Feeling caged, young Clover leaves their home.

Pain. All that registered to Clover was pain. An intense throbbing in their right ankle, accompanied by spears of agony with the slightest pressure. But they had to keep moving, no matter how much it hurt to move.

Clover, a small, scared preteen with short, curly brown hair and green eyes, couldn't turn back now. With only the stars to guide them, they limped farther and farther from the crumbling brick house that they had lived in for all of their life.

They used to love it there, with their old tree fort and the creek back in the woods, but lately it had felt more and more like a prison. A prison that they yearned to leave, to escape the crushing hold of their mother. You see, Amelie had no idea how much of a burden she placed upon Clover, it's just that she didn't want to lose them like she did her husband, when Clover was about four.
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Clover's father, Christopher, died in a traffic incident, While Amelie was at home with Clover. This thrust Amelie into a state of constant paranoia, for which she didn't think to seek treatment. Mostly, she worried for Clover, a reckless child who was likely adventuring in the woods, the kindergartener covered in scrapes, bruises and rainbow bandages.

Clover was never badly injured, but worrying more and more, Keeping Clover closer and Closer, Amelie eventually started homeschooling them. They weren't allowed to catch minnows in the creek, or climb the many trees in the forest anymore. Soon enough they were barely allowed outside.
Finally, despite the grief weighing them down, Clover just... left.

They had no idea what dangers would await them, or the trials yet to come.
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