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Kickoff written by Agmiller2025 / Follow-up written by devandelfano

? I do not have a title yet pt.5 ?

you have to read it.

"Hey my name is Harper, I'm 17 and I am a junior virgin in high school, want to have sex?", she half-smiled, with intentions and meanings that are unclear.

This is the world of saextopia, it's a world of adventure, mystery, action, comedy, romance, high school girls, high school rape/sex fantasies, sword fights, monsters, tentacles into vaginas and bewbies, it's the dream world of all men and women! it's a free country, better than communism, democracy, liberalism, and all other isms combined into one, dipped into egg batter, and fried to golden.

Eatingdisorder is common in this world. You eat by having sex. and you also increase your level by having sex. people have sex with one another, those who have more sex have higher levels and more
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Domas is the strongest woman in this world right now. She decides what is right or wrong. Her secret is Bonasales, a sex machine that increases your level 10 times faster than the others.

Juno is a chad in the streets with low levels because all he fucks are prostitutes. Loan sharks are after him, and he's poor. He needs to get out of this life, that's when Alpha appeared with the ability to increase one's level by talking.
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