Kickoff written by Agmiller2025

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Ms. West led her to a black van with a sun like the one on her shirt and on the side, it said Laketown treatment center. Ms. West took her bag and placed it in the back seat and gestured for her to get in the passenger side seat.
On the ride to the center, Haper just looked out the window and watched the cars whiz by. They looked like they were going 100 miles a minute. She turns her head and sees that Ms.West keeps glancing at her. She looks and her and says,
“ What?” Ms.West looks at her and smiles,
“ You are going to love the girl that you are sharing a room with, She is super nice and pretty far into treatment so she will be a good person to talk to,” Harper rolled her eyes and looked back out the window. About 20 minutes later they pulled into a driveway leading to a big grey house.
It almost looked like a house except it had a front porch where Harper could see a younger girl and an older man sitting on the bench. Harper thought that it must be the girl’s father. Ms.West parked
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the car and got out, Harper reached for her phone in her pocket but remembered that she had left it in her bag. She got out of the car and was greeted by a tall, pale, stick skinny girl who looked to be about a year or two older than Harper. The girl held out her hand and said,
“ Hi, your Harper right? My name is Zoey and I will be your roommate,”. Harper shook Zoey’s hand and then looked down at her feet.
She looked around and saw the same man that was with the girl now walking towards them. He smiled and held out his hand,
“ Hi, I’m Gavin or Dr. Caves and I’m the house's therapist. You will meet with me every day for a week and after that, we will set up a lighter schedule for like once or twice a week,” Harper shook his hand and turned to Ms.West who was standing there with her things. All four of them walked up to the house and went inside. The halls were lined with smiling people holding a piece of paper up that say something inspirational on it. Ms.West noticed Harper looking at
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them and said,
“ They are past patients who were well enough to go home,”.
Harper kept walking until Zoey stopped and gestured to a room.
“ This is our room, I hope you like it!” Harper looked around, two twin-sized beds on opposite sides of the room. Zoey’s side was covered in drawings and posters and clothing, Harper’s side was bare except for a notebook and pen propped up on the pillow. Ms.West walked over to Harper’s bed and put her bag on the bed. She zipped open the bag and dumped everything out. “ Sorry honey, but I have to look through your bag for anything you aren’t supposed to have,” Harper nodded and walked over to her. She had a blanket, a few weeks’ worths of clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some hair ties and a hairbrush, and the note from Ben. After she was done Ms.West packed everything back up and showed the Harper to the common area. The room was pretty big with a table with markers, crayons, paper, and some glue sticks. On the other side of the room is a couch,
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a reclining chair, and a few big bean bag chairs with a TV.
After looking around for a few seconds Ms.West began to head to the dining room,
“ This is the least liked room here,” She laughed. Harper just nodded and kept walking. She was getting really tired of Mr.West’s comments and content chit-chat. After they finished walking through the house she showed Harper back to the commons. This time there was a group of people sitting on the rug and on the cough.“ I put together a little get to know your group, They are the people who you will be staying with for the next while,” Harper looked around and waved to them. She walked over and sat down on the reclining chair and crossed her legs. Mr.West began to talk to the group introducing Harper and telling them. After she was done she turned to Harper,
“ Would you like to say anything about yourself?”. Harper looked at the people’s faces and said,
“ Hey my name is Harper, I’m 17 and I am a junior in high school,” she half smiled.
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