Kickoff written by be_weird76

The Deal

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The teacher was once again lecturing us, what for? I have no idea, but then again, I don't care either. I just continued to listen to my music. The bell finally rang, but before I could leave, the teacher asks for me and some pigtailed freshie to stay after class. After a few minutes, the room was empty. " I asked you two to stay because you were the only ones to pass Monday's quiz." Shocker, I pass every quiz and test. "Okay so, I always pass" "Well, you see the quiz was on things that I haven't taught yet" "Is that all," I say, heading towards the door. "No actually, It's not" I stop and turn to face him. "I'm not sure if you two know but the school's academic team needs one more person to compete..." "Let me stop you there, my answer is no, sorry, but bye." I didn't wait to hear his response and walked out of the classroom, straight to my locker. The halls were basically empty except for a couple of stragglers. I attempt to unlock my locker, but after putting in the combo for the fifth
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time, I slam my fist into it out of frustration. "Need some help there Mia Bella?" ugh, of course, they're still here.

They are the classic high school popular group, but not quite the same. We call them, The Kings, and everyone knows who they are. There's Jacob Bianchi, the "pretty boy" every school has one; Alec Beckett, the "bad boy" you know that one person who is always in trouble; Trey Murphy, don't understand why he is a "king," he's a softie; then there is Kane Blackwood, the leader, the person you go to if you need something done, for a price of course.

"What do you want, Bianchi?" "You know its Jacob and what are you talking about, I saw you struggling and decided to see if you wanted some help." "No thanks, I can open my locker by myself." "You sure, because I sat there and watched you fail to open it five different times already." I have two options: accept his help and feed his ego or continue to try to unlock the locker on my own. "Ugh, fine." "Fine what?" "Jacob, don't
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push it." "Well you're no fun," he pouted, crossing his arms. "Will you just open the locker," "Alright fine, what's the code,." After giving him the code he somehow, gets it open. "You have to jiggle the lock a couple of times to get it to work," I must have had a confused look on my face because he continued with, "I had this locker last year." " Oh, well okay then, I guess I owe you one, huh," "Oh yeah, and you get to cash that in today," of course, he needed something. "If your going to ask me to do your homework the answer is no," He just laughed at my response for a few moments before responding. "Thank you mi amore, I truly needed that," he said with a chuckle, "but no, I need a ride." "Why didn't you just go home with Kane?" "That's not important," I give him an 'I'm not stupid' look. "Detention or a girl?" "Neither, I had to stay after to collect payment for Kane" "Fine, but you best keep your hands off my radio, got it?" "Got it.". After grabbing my things out of my locker, we
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walk over to my navy blue Jeep and get in. "Where am I taking you, Bianchi?" "Kane said he'd be at home so let's go there." "Perfect, but I have to make a quick stop on the way." "Why?" "I need gas and a couple other things" "Oh okay.". It took about 10 minutes to get to the station; I got out of the car, filled up the tank, and then pulled the car into a parking spot. "You gonna come in or chill here?" "I'll come in I guess," we go inside. I grabbed a couple of energy drinks, and a bag of gummy worms then went to go pay when a wonderful idea popped into my head. after I gave the cashier the money, I looked over to Jacob and said loud enough for the people around us could hear, "babe I can't believe you made me pay for your stuff." I knew it worked when Jacob turned redder than red. It wasn't until after getting in the car did I release the laugh I had been holding in. "You turned so red... you should've seen your face." I could tell he was upset. Still, I couldn't stop laughing...
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