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Kickoff written by be_weird76 / Follow-up written by dancing with clouds

The Deal

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"You're just like them..." he muttered. "Like who?" I asked smiling, but seeing his eyes turn dark and sad made me feel a bit bad. "No one. Can we go now?". I started the car and began driving. The whole time we were quiet. I thought over and over again if I shouldn't have done it. He looked upset but I didn't know what made him that way. I parked near Kane's house and gained all of my courage. "Hey, I'm sorry if I insulted you, I didn't..." ."It's okay. Thanks for the ride." - he interrupted me while smiling and got off the car. Even if his smile shined so bright, his eyes stayed cold. If a boy can't get a joke, how could he be one of the Kings? - I laughed but deep inside my heart I still
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felt those cold eyes that I knew too well. I knew how to put a fake smile on my face but just like him I never knew how to control my eyes. Fuck it, he deserve it. Those stupid popular boys... I turned on the loudest song that I had in my playlist, opened my pack of gummy worms and started driving there, where I needed to put the same smile Jacob did. There, where my eyes would stay just as cold. Home.
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