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The Piece That Was Missing

A Descriptive Romance

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The feeling inside of me right now is something I could never put in words, at least that's what it felt like, putting the exact words for the weaksauce divergence which befell upon me.
Everything was fine between the both of us at least what she thought whenever she felt secure in my arms and whenever she was very close to me but nothing stays with us forever and that's what happened I left her saying I need some time to think where this relation is taking me, I don't remember from where or from whom I got the courage to say this, and I don't even remember what befell onto me that I just went up to her doorstep and left her in despair and loneliness, I knew she would quite again... sink in her own sorrows and than someone else would come up
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to her and lift her fragile body in his firm arms and give her the sunlight which she got back when she was mine..

What a bright Sunday I woke up to!!
I looked myself in the mirror and started checking out the things I need the utmost, I collected my home keys, car keys, my phone and the Descriptive letter which K left when I tried to court her the second time, just a few days back, I locked up the apartment and went up to the venue where K and her better half come every Sunday.

Well, it stings me to see them together but it's K whose happiness matters me the most between the both of us..

"Well, K I knew I screwed up things and nothin' can be as special we used to have before, and I am sorry for that... I am Sorry K and I love you!!"
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