Kickoff written by KekeP29

The Piece That Was Missing

A Descriptive Romance

Dear You,
I just wanted to take the time to say the things I’ll never get to say to you off my chest. You, you were my light in the darkness. The rainbow at times my everything. It was the way you looked at me displaying an image of being the only girl that gave you the sparkle in your eyes. It was the way you take my hand and pat it softly like a baby being rocked to sleep. It was the way you linger the words “ I love you” of the tip of your tongue that made me melt like butter. I thought I had myself all figured out before meeting you. But, before I could you cast me with your spell and picked me up off my two feet to a place where I didn’t think I had within. Your words did the trick. You say how beauty couldn’t describe the art that was made when you would look at me. You had me sprung by the look on your face when you watch me come to you with lust written all over my face. Your heart was made of gold and your warmth was intoxicating that it was too hard to breathe. For
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a second I thought I had it all. The boy I was going to marry one day, the father to my future, and the glue to my untouched pieces. It all turned to stone when your words stayed within my soul but you didn’t. My heart cried a river throughout the room as I watched you leave. I fell to the floor broken like fragile glass when the door slammed. My heart broke into two when I heard your name or a breeze that felt like you beneath my skin. You broke me. You broke me to where I had no pieces to fill the void you left. My worth that I had been searching for was taken from right under me. But, the days grew longer as I bloomed when the seasons started to change. On this very day, I looked in the mirror and I saw it. My everything doesn’t touch the base of the ache you left within and the words you said. I just wanted to let you know that being without you was the best thing that you decided. I don’t have to be the most beautiful girl you have ever seen but in my heart, I am beautiful from the
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inside out. Your words hurt but, baby you didn’t break made me so much stronger than I used to amount myself to being “weak." You filled the pieces I searched for and I thank you. Thank you for once upon a time loving me and being my first love to being my last. And for reminding me that just because you couldn’t love me at my most doesn’t mean I should love myself less. I am me and one day someone else will see that. But, for now, my worth is important. As for a man yours should too.
Sincerely, K
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