Kickoff written by echocat

Perfect Timing


I never thought that I would end up here. Alone. In a dark room. Black curtains. The walls painted an ominous gray. A dark rug, stained with something lighter that looked extremely suspicious. Whatever. I was used to it.

My family used to call me the eternal peacemaker. I was always calm about frightening things, such as the car crash that changed my life. There was blood everywhere. My brother's neck twisted at an odd angle. His arm dislocated and slung over the seat weirdly. Antonio Maxwell, a great man in the making, died that day. And I don't blame him. I didn't have a choice but to get out and face my rescuers. I would have rather stayed. 

We were alone, on a twisty highway from Valenport City to the nearest town over. We were up in the hills, and we took a turn and rammed into the car speeding towards us. Nothing much. Just death. My parents were gone when I awoke. 

"I want you to know this, Julia..." Antonio said in his final breaths. "You were a very… great… sister. Even if you…" 

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paused there to take a huge gulp of air, and then his eyes rolled back in his head. I didn't scream, didn't panic.  Just kissed his lifeless cheek and sat there in the seat across from him. He actually looked peaceful, with his disheveled dark brown hair and closed eyes. The car was totaled, tilted at an angle so that we slid sideways whenever sitting.

I wanted to die with him. 

My life was already ruined. 

Why me? Why me?

I tucked my hair, the same color as Angelo's, behind my ear. Took a deep breath.  And I got out of the car.
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