Kickoff written by electrad

Why Me?

A night to remember.

Thoughts began to race around my mind, I’m begging them to slow down, but they won’t. I started gripping onto the edge of the seat to gain some kind of grounding. The waiting room is empty. My breaths were coming in gasps and I could feel my body barely coping. With my heart hammering against my chest, I shut my eyes and put my trembling hands over my head. The room spins and I find myself curled up on the floor trying to make everything slow down to a pace my brain and body can cope with. It’s like there is a hurricane building up within my body. The more I try to supress it, the stronger it becomes. I tried to pull myself up onto the seat, but it felt like the ground was melting beneath my feet. With my hearing muffled, eyesight blurry and limbs numb, I lost control completely.
. . .
The sounds of rhythmic beeps drifted me into consciousness. As my eyes came into focus, I scanned the room
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to find myself waking up to nurses and machines surrounding my bed. Memories of the night before played in my mind repeatedly. I can remember so vividly the malicious expression in his eyes. A simple dinner turned into the worst night of my life. I had decided to go home alone after dinner while my friends went out for drinks. I didn’t think much of it, it was a short walk to the car and the city streetlights lit up most roads. But before I reached my car, a tall figure stepped out from the darkness of the alley. I avoided eye contact hoping I wouldn’t attract any attention to myself. Slowly picking up the pace, I slightly turned my neck to check behind me. They were gone. I thought I was in the clear, but before I had the chance to unlock my car doors a hand grabbed my shoulder, pulled me backwards and shoved me to the ground. As I glanced up to see this man standing above me, I cringed at the smell of alcohol and urine. I tried to stay calm, I thought I had a chance against him if it
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came to that, he seemed barely capable of walking on his own. I was wrong.
He knelt down beside me wobbling and whispered, “You people, you don’t know what it’s like.” I moved backwards away from his awful smelling stench and screamed as loud as I could. “Leave me alone!” I regretted it as soon as the words left my mouth. His ashy hands covered my mouth and his knees pinned my body to the concrete. Before I could do anything, my stomach, head and thighs were being used as punching bags for all of the anger he held inside him. I screamed out for help, but it just wasn’t enough. My voice had never felt more useless.
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