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Kickoff written by Helplesslittledog / Follow-up written by Helplesslittledog

Cigarette Smoke

Girl with a bad past and a hatred for human touch

Quinn pretended she didn't see the worried look Leah shot her way or the frown of pity that marred Shaun's chiseled face. She tugged her sleeve back down without a second thought

"Q," Leah muttered. Quinn glared at her childhood friend and stubbed her cancer stick out, immediately reaching for another.

"Drop it, Leah." Leah snapped her mouth shut. Quinn never called Leah by her full name unless she was pissed or didn't want to talk.

Quinn held her breath, feeling the burn of the smoke scraping against her throat. She held it until the sight of her mismatched friend group came into sight. When Clay caught her eye, she let the smoke out, her eyes floating up to watch the gray blend into the blue sky.

"Alright there, Quinny?" Tony asked, kicking
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away from the wall he was leaning against. His tanned face was sunken in but his eyes were bright, alight with a teasing glint.

"Where's your shirt, you damned stripper?" Quinn responded, easily evading the question. Tony grumbled, crossing his arms over his bare chest. "Jake, my man, you look positively exhausted."

The youngest of the group gave a gentle smile, leaning against his the dumpster next to him. "And you look like shit."

Quinn winked. "Still better than you. Where's Macy and the car? Thought we were supposed to go swimmin'."

Clay gave Quinn a nod, holding a hand out for a cigarette. His left cheek was black and blue, his eyebrow split. "'Perantly she got caught so now she's gotta steal another one."

"Ah, that sucks."
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